Dietetic Internship Update :: Food Service Management

Good morning! Good morning!

So, I meant to post about my day yesterday after finishing up with my work, but the whole evening blogging thing is tough!  I’m much more of a morning person – and that is true for working out, too.  I may be able to keep my whole blog/exercise/drink coffee routine depending on what my schedule is like for my first rotation.  Some of the other girls don’t have to arrive on site until 9:00am, so that would be perfect! But I’m still waiting on that dang background check.  Fortunately, that hasn’t kept me stagnant.  My preceptor has assigned me some really cool projects.  Which I am now going to tell you about.  Okay? Okay! {Pardon my over-enthusiasm this morning – I’m running on about 3 hours of sleep – slap-happy-Stephanie! Woo!}


Project #1

October 1st through the 5th is Food Service Week!  My preceptor is currently collecting donations from various vendors for giveaway prizes.  My task is to create a trivia game based on different foods.  Each day there will be a new winner!  Fun, right?

Project #2

French Hospital makes at least two homemade salads for their salad bar everyday.  I am to find recipes and create a two week menu rotation for Monday through Friday (20 salads).

Project #3

My preceptor asked me to design an Employee Incentive Program based upon patient satisfaction.  Employees are graded in the following areas: Flavor of Food, Courtesy of Server, Temperature of Food, and Overall Service.  French is looking to increase their scores.  I get to come up with a way to do that through this program AND plan the party/reward for after!

Project #4

In the French Cafeteria, they have a Grab n Go section with sandwiches, salads, parfaits, pudding, and jello.  My job is to create a three week cycle menu with simple, healthy, recipes.


How fun are these assignments?!

Yesterday, I spent 8.5 hours working on things – I’ve completed the Trivia Game and Salad Bar Rotation, made a dent in the Grab n Go menu cycle, and brainstormed for the Employee Incentive Program.  A substantial chunk, I’d say.

I’m trying to keep my hours in line, so I don’t fall too far behind; we are required to log 32 hours Tuesdays through Thursday at each of our sites.


The plan for today:

  • Run 6 miles
  • Check out Arroyo Grande’s Farmer’s Market, if I have time {not that I need anything, my fridge is stocked to the brim!}
  • Yoga at Harmony House Yoga in Pismo Beach at noon (Hello, $8 community classes! What a deal!)
  • Work on Intern shtuff

Today is all about taking care of myself.  Yesterday, I did a poor job of that.  I sat at my desk working on all of the above, and then browsed the internets {I like calling it “the internets.” …such a weirdo.} and watched hulu for the rest of the day.  Yuck.  Lazy, lazy, lazy bones.

And that’s enough. Time to get crackin’!

Later, dudes.



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