Menus + Spreadsheets + Games! Oh my!

Well, hello there.

Still no word on my background check, but I’m keeping busy.  And thankfully, I have a new project {more on that in second}.

I finished up my trivia game…

Um, of course I started with a question on fiber.

This is the reaction I’m looking for from the employees.

I also compiled all my recipes and completed the two cycle menus.

And all together now!

Oh spreadsheets, how I love you.

I’ve still got work to do on the Employee Incentive Program, and as I mentioned previously, I have a new project to work on as well!  I am to create an event for National Eat Healthy Day {November 7th} for the hospital cafe!  I get to design a heart healthy menu to serve that day, a healthy eating exhibition, some take away recipes, plus whatever else I come up with!  My ideas will be presented to the CEO and others at French.  Ahhh! So cool!!

So with that, I better get crack-a-lackin’.

On the docket:

  • 6 mile run
  • Intern shtuff
  • Avila Farmer’s Market and Concert in the Park

Happy Friday!


2 thoughts on “Menus + Spreadsheets + Games! Oh my!

  1. Oh to be an intern…
    It sounds like things are going well. I remember being a bit confused about certain things during my internship too. I think it just depends on the preceptor you have.
    At my old and new jobs, we have interns come through. I always am super nice to them cause I few people I shadowed weren’t. I know it’s not their job to be nice, but I was even afraid to ask questions.
    With that being said, please email me with any questions you might have!! 🙂


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