Dietetic Internship :: Week 1 & STRAVA Running App

Happy Saturday party people.

I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted.  This week has been such as awesome mix of hard work and fun.

First things first, #internshiplove.

I have been working my bootay off.  I never thought I would say this, but I am l.o.v.i.n.’ food service management.  It’s seriously like being a party planner.  I get to look at recipes all day, make posters, create menus, organize special events, put together gift baskets, hire caterers… the worst part (which really is not that bad because I ❤ spreadsheets) is the food costing, simply because it’s tedious and a bit repetitive.  I think that this is partially due to my lack of a experience.  I am slowly developing processes here and there to get things movin’.

Here’s some of the stuff I’ve been working on:

National Eating Healthy Day Special Cafe Menu

Fire Safety In Service

Food Costing/Requisition

Obviously, a work still in progress… ha!


Besides getting my work done, I’ve also been doing work.  Girlfriend’s been getting up at 4:30am to get in an-albeit short-run and logging my progress with this new app called Strava, which is basically like a Garmin (I think they are affiliates, or something).

You start your run or ride on your phone…

Yes, mom, I’m bringing my phone on my runs now.  Happy? 😉

And it maps and times your run.

I’m obsessed with my splits breakdown.

Uh yea, mile 2 was a little hilly {as you can tell my slow ass 10 minute mile pace…}

From these maps, Strava compares your times with other people who have run those same routes.  I don’t know what QOM or CR stands for, but it basically means, you are the fastest person who has run there.  And yes, I’ve got TWO, thank you very much. ha!

And if you want to get real competitive…

You can seek out other saved routes (or Segments, as Strava likes to call them) and try to beat those runners’ times.

And, similar to Daily Mile, you can save your routes, add athletes as your friend, and comment/encourage others.

Check it out! And then add me as a friend and we can race!

So with that, I am out the door for a 11-miler, with a goal to hit up as may segments as possible.



5 thoughts on “Dietetic Internship :: Week 1 & STRAVA Running App

  1. Hi! Soo I commented on your post like last week, saying hello and that I’m also doing my DI, and that I didn’t yet have a blog… well now I do! I’m super pumped for you for starting the foodservice rotations! Sounds awesome. Also, I’m going to definitely have to check out that app (once it cools down in South Florida)


  2. Who knew there was a National Eat Healthy day?! NOT ME!! I’ll celebrate 100-fold 🙂 Your creativity looks amazing, by the way. Very impressive! Hard work pays off. Those recipes could get even the largest “health food hater” to enjoy it 🙂


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  4. Hey! I am a dietetic intern too! I found your blog through Emily at Haveyourcakeand… I am following now! Yay for DI blogs 🙂 thanks for the app suggestion! Although when I use it my “current location” will just say corn field instead of awesome coastline but hey… livin the dream, right?


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