I’m Baaaack

I have been really terrible about doing any sort of updates on here.

It’s not like I don’t have the time.  I definitely could squeeze it in during the time I drink coffee at 4:45 the morning and stare at facebook like a freakin’ zombie before I go out for my run in the pitch black.

That sounded like complaining.  Which it wasn’t.  Really.  Daylight savings has graciously given me some incredible sunrises as I mosey my way back in.  {I only silently whine to myself during that first “bleeeeep” of the alarm…}

But really…

I’m going to try and do better.



So a quickie “what’s new in my life” before I head out the door:

  • In a week, I will have lived in California for 3 months! {Where has the time gone!}
  • I finished my Food Service rotation and loved.it.
  • On Friday, I will wrap up my rotation at STRIDE (Science through Translational Research In Diet and Exercise) and then I have a whole week off!
  • I am itching to race.  Anyone have any good suggestions? Preferably a half marathon near the Central Coast.
  • And lastly, not to brag or anything, but my life pretty much rocks.  I am happier than I can ever remember in my entire life.

And with that I will leave you dear friends.

If you have commented or e-mailed me within the last, oh, two months, I will try and get ‘atcha sometime within the next week.

Later, Ladies and Gents!




One thought on “I’m Baaaack

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