Dietetic Internship Update :: Research at STRIDE

Goodmorning, goodmorning!

Today is my last day at STRIDE!

Two rotations down, 9 (+ staff relief) to go!

For those who don’t know much about STRIDE, here is a little blurb or “elevator speech” I wrote up:

“STRIDE is a multidimensional program that translates the science and research of health and wellness topics into easily understandable ideas and action among the general public.   STRIDE’s main goal is to advocate, encourage and assist individuals to achieve a healthy weight at all stages of life through exercise, nutrition, and wellness awareness.  This is done through research studies, educational programs, personal and community awareness, consulting, and other various healthy activities.”

I have been working mainly in the science and research realm, which at times has been very tedious and trying.

The nature of this research depends greatly on the participation of the individuals involved, and if they don’t show up for their appointments…

Let’s just say I drove to Lompoc (an hour and a half away from campus) and Paso (40 minutes) for nothing.  Very frustrating.

I do, however, love the dietitian on staff at STRIDE.  I’ve been working with her to create some pretty cool weight loss//healthy eating handouts for pre- and post-partum women {which is the concentration of the two studies I am working on}.

ReThink Your Drink seems to be my claim to fame these past few years…

I’m pretty proud of them, and that’s always a good thing.

I’m off to run now!

Happy Friday!



4 thoughts on “Dietetic Internship Update :: Research at STRIDE

  1. I like the little pictures of the stomachs full of oil/vegetables. Stride sounds like a great organization. I work in research at the moment as well as other things. Never thought I would work in the area but here I am and I really enjoy it. Its good to get a varied experience before graduating because before I graduated I had no clue what dietitians really did in research and would never have thought to apply for a research position!


    • Isn’t that a great picture!

      Yeah, I feel pretty lucky to have the opportunity to test the waters in so many areas of dietetics. Going into my internship, I told myself to not close any doors and be open to all experiences. I’m having a great time so far, and in places I never thought I would enjoy! (i.e. food service 😉 ha!)


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