My First California Race

Good Morning!

It is a gorgeous sunny day here on the Central Coast – the perfect way to kick off my Thanksgiving Break!


My plan is to just relax, clean, and workout.

So today:

  • Beach Run
  • Yoga at noon with my favorite teacher
  • Get my tires checked out – the flat tire light is on… wah wahh
  • FREE Personal Training session at 3:00 (thank you Kennedy Fitness!)
  • Yoga Flow at 4:30
  • Drink wine

Not too shabby, eh?

So in other news, I signed up for my first California race!!

I’m going to run Castle to Coast on January 19th!

It’s a shorty 8.2 flat and fast course.

Last year’s 1st place woman ran a 6:15 average min/mile pace, and the second place winner ran  6:58s.

I’m thinking I can get my butt back in racing gear to come in somewhere between that.

As you may probably don’t remember, I ran an average 6:59 pace at last Spring’s Flower City Half Marathon.

My goal is still a sub-1:30 half, so if I could be running at a 6:50 pace, I would be on the right track for that. And with 5 miles less in Castle to Coast, I think this is totally, 100% doable.


I’m excited!

I have a goal!

6:50s here. I. come.

With that being said – anyone have any ideas where I can do dreaded track workouts?

Sorry to end on that note! Ha!

Happy Monday!


3 thoughts on “My First California Race

  1. I know AGHS has a track but it isn’t a rubber track…I think most CA tracks are more traily (when you see one you will get a sense of what I am trying to describe because I am not doing a very good job). I think there is a track in Pismo too, there is a middle school in Pismo heights (off price canyon). Then there is always SLO High track, I know there is a running team for all ages with a coach that does track workouts on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30. If you’re looking for other races in SLO you should check out this site: they are very good about updating there “coming events” section. Happy Running!


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