Rotaract COOKIE Fundraiser

Good Monday morning to you!

I’m on my 4th cup of coffee.

I should take a typing test right now, because I am a SPEED DEMON!



Three day weekends allow for things like 7 cups of coffee.

{Which I don’t feel bad about after drinking this article.  I am pro- anything that allows me to incorporate more of my vices into my everyday life.}

And three day weekends is what I will be getting up until January! WOOHOO!

No more Monday classes = 1 of the few perks of being an intern.


Let’s rewind to my weekend baking extravaganza with Rotaract.

First, for those unfamiliar with what Rotaract is {because I had never heard of it until about 2 weeks ago either}:

Rotaract is a Rotary-sponsored service club for young men and women ages 18 to 30. Rotaract clubs are either community or university based, and they’re sponsored by a local Rotary club. This makes them true “partners in service” and key members of the family of Rotary.”

It’s like the young professional version of Rotary.  Cool, huh?

And there are clubs are all over the U.S. {even in little ole’ Wenatchee!}

So anyways, I sort of forced my way in to helping – my friend told me of this cookie fundraiser he was doing for the SLO Noor Clinic and I immediately wanted to get involved. {Hello, I love extending recipes and calculating food costs.


Two weeks later I was baking cookies along side a group of awesome 20-somethings.

vintique_image(1)We had quite the operation going on.

+ 5 batches at a time.


+ 4 ovens blazing.


+ 12 batches of chocolate chip.
+ 5 batches of peanut butter.
+ 5 batches of sugar.


And then we packaged them up in cellophane with nice ribbon {which I wish I would have taken a picture of…}.

I think our final total came out to be about 700 total cookies baked!

Cookie monster approved.


And don’t worry, we did have some veggies and hummus to balance out the sugar overload.  As a future RD, I approved.


Can’t please them all.

All in all a very successful day for a great cause!

I’m off to Power Yoga and then to run up a big hill.

Party On Rockstars!


One thought on “Rotaract COOKIE Fundraiser

  1. Hi Stephanie! I came across your blog a few weeks ago and I absolutely love it. I appreciate you sharing your stories of your rotations/internships and daily musings (love your sense of humor :D). I’m learning quite a lot from peaking through your life on the blog. I’m at the very beginning/budding stage of becoming an RD. Haven’t figured out where I’m going to school yet but am prepping to take some prereq classes in January to start the road. I also love running and yoga (a certified bikram instructor).

    I’ve never heard of Rotaract before either. That’s pretty cool- to have one for the younger crowd. I can imagine that having to adjust to different rotations and schedules can be a challenge but I think that’s why it’s so great to be a part of this. As our life changes constantly, we grow and learn best by learning to evolve and adjust accordingly. I realize that the best lessons in life are often simply knowing what are my baselines and my main purpose or driver amid the changes that often stretch our comfort zone. I think you demonstrate that pretty well, especially from your last post “I’ve got the Power!” 🙂 You go girl!


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