Brooks Pure Flow 2’s and MATCH DAY!

Hey there heyyyy!

So if you follow me on facebook or twitter or instagram you know I have been raving over my NEW Brooks Pure Flow 2’s.


I was in dire need of new running shoes, and after I started having a little medial arch pain, I got myself RIGHT down to Running Warehouse.


The girl who helped me was so friendly.  I initially went in there thinking I would just pick up another good ole’ pair of mizunos, but I wanted to try out a few other pairs just to be sure.


So glad I did because as soon as I tried on these babies, I was hooked.


Lightweight, plenty of cushion, great arch support, and a biodegradable sole – hello, I’m saving the landfills!


The Brooks Pure Flow 2’s weigh 7.2 oz, which is slighter lighter than my Mizuno Wave Precisions at 8 oz. #racefaster


I love the asymmetrical lacing and “burrito” style fold over tongue, which really helps it stay in place. Don’t you hate it when your shoes get all wonky to one side?


It’s also got this fancy split toe – which honestly, I can’t feel any difference. Ha!


Pretty sick, huh?


Now I’ve just got to get my lazy butt out for a run.


On an unrelated note, CONGRATULATIONS to all the future RDs out there who matched this Sunday! You guys are all rockstars!

Let me know if you matched at Cal Poly!
{Congrats Karen!}

And remember, if you didn’t match this time around, don’t give up on your dreams! You’ve got second round, and fall match, PLUS time to make yourself a stronger candidate! YOU CAN DO IT!

Adios Muchachos!


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