Boston Marathon 2013

What a harrowing day.



I have been glued to the computer watching live streaming of CNN news, religiously reading tweets and facebook updates, crying over the gruesome pictures and videos of those injured.  My heart is breaking.  How could someone do this to the running community?  People who train hours upon hours, raise awareness, donate and run for cancer, charities, children’s hospitals, in honor of family members… How could they?



I can’t help but cry.

Overwhelmed by those rushing into action after the first blast.  Our boys in uniform tearing down mangled fences to get to the victims.  My thoughts wander to my little brother, who has served our country and is back in Afghanistan on his own free will, just so he can help people.  He would be doing the same thing.  Rushing into the blast along side the brave volunteers.  My god.

Those innocent people who came to cheer on runners, and now who’s lives will never be the same.  Limbs lost.  Children dead.

Those runners who completed the race, and who should celebrating their incredible accomplishments.  Instead, running to the nearest hospital to selflessly donate blood.



My heart is heavy.

But I am inspired by the runners around the world coming together in support.  Sharing love.

It’s time to turn off the news.  Call my family.  And remember how good life is.

Love to you all. 


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