Cal Poly Graduate

Ohhhh, the life of a recently graduated dietetic intern…


Oh, yeah! Did I forget to mention that I’m DONE with my 1300+ hours of supervised practice?


Yes! D.O.N.E!

IMG_6124The beautiful 2012-2013 Cal Poly Dietetic Intern Class.

Let me tell you folks, it is a gooooood feeling.

Until panic sets in and you realize you need to take a HUGE exam covering everything you’ve learned for the past 5 years AND find a job so you don’t get evicted from your brand new, beautiful apartment in the best neighborhood in the best town in the world…



Maybe I am over-exaggerating…

It’s really not that bad.

I have incredible support from my internship preceptors and friends passing along jobs, which has resulted in about 7 gajillion job applications out.  (The odds are good people!)  And I think I’m fairly well prepared to take that big ‘ol test. By the way, I’m using – I know, I know… I’m not using Inman. I just couldn’t bring myself fork over the 400 bucks. Plus, DietitanExam is all online and I like the idea of being able to study via my iPhone on the beach. 😉 Heyooo!


Life is pretty good.

So for now, I will enjoy my little bit of extra free time with lots of yoga and trail running before I join the working world – hopefully sooner than later!


Peace out homies.


7 thoughts on “Cal Poly Graduate

    • Ackkk!! Kailey!! Oh my gosh! I’m such a jerk and never responded to your email!! We should get together while you are here though! You are just gonna love SLO and Poly!!


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