City to Sea Half Marathon + Orange is the New Black

What up gangstaaaas!

Hope your week is kickin’ ass and takin’ names.

Pardon my french.

I’m attributing my bad language to my new obsession with Orange is the New Black.


Holy smokes is this show good. And not for the faint of heart.

I’ve been binge watching during study sessions.

enhanced-buzz-13448-1374516252-7Detain me whenever you like.

Hott. With 2 ts.


Annnnnd, in other news…

I signed up for a race!



It has been far to long since I’ve trained.

Plus, the whole no job thing has been making me feel kinda bummy. I. need. to. work.


So hopefully my training program will give me some sense purpose.

I’m, of course, doing Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Intermediate Program. Bringing back a little speedwork and distance in my life.


Yes. I’m a child. {And that meme has a typo…}

Anyways, it looks like a pretty fast and flat course.


I’m not in as good long-distance-shape as I was last year at this time– but if I work hard, I may be able to place in the top 10 women, judging from previous years’ times.  We’ll see, we’ll see…

That’s all for now folks. Take it easy.

Catch you on the flip side!


6 thoughts on “City to Sea Half Marathon + Orange is the New Black

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