Weekly Wrap-Up

What up Friday!


What a productive week for me!

Monday: I had my first job interview {!!}, which I think went pretty bomb. I was there for about two and half hours! {That’s a good sign right?!} – filled out an application, interviewed with the RD and Director of Nursing, got a tour from the RD of the absolutely beautiful {new} facility, met the nurses, was shown the electronic charting system… It was a fun way to start the week, for sure. Now I need to pass the exam..

Tuesday: Studying goes into high gear {with a side of Orange is the New Black}.


Wednesday: More studying. Begin half training.

Thursday: MORE studying. Can’t walk because calves are so ridiculously tight from sprints on Wednesday.


Friday: The plan for the day includes, you guessed it, even MORE studying.  Plus, I have a meeting with Spencer’s Fresh Markets to discuss ways to get me working in the grocery store!! How exciting!  I sent them a list of proposed services I could provide, and now we are going to review and get the ball rolling.

All good things.

Hope your week went well too!



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