I’m Totally Loving This… 8.23

It’s Friday! And I can’t think of a better way to wrap up the week than to rave about all the freaking awesome things in my life. #bethankful #beautyinthelittlethings


1.  Naked by David SedarisI gobbled this book up faster than a speeding bullet, and laughed my ass off the whole way.  I was that lady reading her book and literally laughing out loud, mostly in public places.  I had previously read, “Me Talk Pretty One Day,” which I loved this, so when I spotted this at my local used bookstore, I snatched it up.  It’s a series of short stories, or rather, tall tales, that take you on a journey through the author’s quirky, charming, and mostly dysfunctional life.  And can I just tell you, there is nothing more brain-relieving that reading something OTHER than RD exam review books. Ahhhh.

2.  Gaudy Gold “Diamond” Studs – You know I like to keep it gangsta and rock the ice.  I picked up some chunky CZs from Target and can’t get enough of ’em!  Maybe I am just going through a phase, but I think they look good with everything I put on.  PLUS, the are not heavy and dangly, so I can wear them without my ears hurting.  And they are less dressy than pearls (my previous staple), which suits me just fine here in lovely, laid-back California.

3.  California Black  Table Grapes – Afternoon snack of choice right here, paired with a handful of almonds. Hello, energy boost!  I grew up with purple and green grapes {ehhh, yeah…not my favorite}, but black! Black is such a treat.  They are always crisp and juicy – never tart or soft.

4.  Cheap Aviators – I am really awesome at losing my sunglasses.  In fact, in the year since I’ve moved to California I have lost 4 pairs!!  Gone are the days of spending $100+ on sunnies.  Nope. $5 will do for me!

5.  Syrah – I went through a Syrah phase last summer, and I am back on the wagon – well not really, totally off.  Peppery, meaty wine? Yes Please!  Sweet & fruity – bleh!  I only want Syrah, and only Central Coast will do.  Well, that is, if I’m not drinking champagne of course!

Have a great weekend!


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