The Prodigal Blogger Returns

Well, well, well… Long time no talk!

After a particularly leisurely day at the hospital (Note: I did not say “slow” or “quiet.” My superstitious self has learned this lesson far too well.  Never ever describe a day at the hospital in those terms unless you want to be suddenly, and without warning, up to your eyeballs in patients. Watch now I get called in tomorrow…), I decided to take a FREE continuing education webinar on Today’s Dietitian titled “Dietitians Investing in the Blogosphere,” and I have decided it’s time I renew my commitment to blogging.



Yes, I have a wonderful full-time job as a clinical dietitian in a kick-ass Level 1 Trauma Center…



Yes, I am taking a “Spanish for Medical Professionals” class…



Yes, I still try to squeeze in fitness daily…


Mizunos. In the “Cabbage” color scheme. Duh.


And yes, I have an amazing, incredible boyfriend whom I love dearly…


Check out that stash he rocked for Movember.

But what is that to stop me from spending a couple minutes of my time updating my precious little blog.  I think there may be some readers out there still…?

*chirp, chirp*

Well, either way, I’m back!

At least for the time being. 😉

Peace, love, and mustaches.



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