Game Plan {3.31 – 4.6}

I don’t know about you, but I function much better when I have a routine and a schedule.

Recently, I have fallen out of my ‘up and at ’em’ morning routine of getting a solid workout in before my day starts, so tomorrow kicks off a new chapter! Well, kind of new chapter… I’m just getting back into the groove of not being a total slug.


Remember how much I love HIIT workouts?  Well guess what?  Girlfriend’s back on the wagon!


Here’s the plan:

Monday [no work] :: HIIT it {full body} + hike up + post-run yoga

Tuesday :: 6am – HIIT {legs} // 5pm – 60 min cycle

Wednesday :: 6am – HIIT {upper body} // 5pm – 3 mi run

Thursday :: 6am – HIIT {abs} // 5pm – 4 mi run

Friday :: 6am – HIIT {full body} // rest [let’s be honest – I’ll be enjoying happy hour]

Saturday :: 7am – HIIT {legs} // 4pm – hike

Sunday [no work] :: active rest day – kayaking, hiking, golfing, or nothing!


Not too shabby, huh?

Since I’m not actively training for a race, I think creating my own training schedule will help keep me focused.


I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Until then…

Work it girl!


3 thoughts on “Game Plan {3.31 – 4.6}

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