Weekly Round-Up

Here’s a look back at last week…

Beat the Heat

H.O.L.Y. smokes it was hot.  Here on the central coast we are known for our year-long sunny and 75 weather, but Mother Nature decided to mix things up and send us a scorcher.  We were in the upper 90’s and 100’s.  Very few people have air conditioners, so needless to say, the beaches were packed.  Jaime and I decided to beat the heat by heading out past Lopez Lake to Big Falls.




Hello perfect swimming hole.


We brought lunch, and other necessities…


Caught a one-eyed salamander. {not my arm…}


Saw Bambi.


Can I just gush?  I love where I live.










The Moves

The heat definitely put a damper on my workouts, which really shouldn’t be an excuse.  I did get up early to run a couple of times this past week, but lifting got left behind… oops.  Two 4 milers and a 6 miler.  That’s it.  That’s all she wrote.  Better than nothin’ I suppose.

Here’s the plan for next week:

+ Monday :: 3 mi + arms
+ Tuesday :: 4 mi + abs
+ Wednesday :: 4 mi
+ Thursday :: Legs
+ Friday :: Rest
+ Saturday :: 7 mi + abs
+ Sunday :: 3 mi + arms


Giving Back

This Saturday was the Coastal Tri-Counties Dietetic Association’s Spring Fling event.  This year’s theme was,“Giving Back to the Community,” spotlighting food insecurity.  I think it’s important to share the work of dietitian’s at the local level, especially in light of the Mother Jones controversy.  [Check out this article for some good insight – more on all this later.  I have lots of opinions.]

Our featured guest was Dave Schmit, former “Chef to the Stars.”  Chef Dave is dedicated to serving meals utilizing rescued food for the patrons of the Maxine Lewis Homeless Shelter.  Dave presented a lecture on his service to the homeless shelter, as well as provided a cooking demonstration with take home recipes.

I think the most important take home message was that the homeless are not starving; they are malnourished, and still need healthful food.  The needy don’t need our leftover boxes of ridiculously salt-filled mac and cheese {although all donations are appreciated}; we need to feed our homeless wholesome, nutritious foods that will help them feel and think better. 

As a clinical dietitian serving many homeless here in San Luis, this really struck a note.  If we took a look at the lab values of the homeless population, most likely they would be prescribed some sort of therapeutic diet for chronic conditions.

Chef Dave is an excellent model of nutrition for the homeless in our community, making use of 200-300 lbs. donated produce, and about 20-40 lbs. of meat to prepare balanced, nutritious meals!

If you’re here in the San Luis Obispo area, learn more here on how you can volunteer and get involved serving your community.


FODMAPs Update

This past weekend, I competed my Fructose and Special Case Fruits {containing fructose and sorbitol} challenge.  Let’s just say, it was fun or pretty.  My belly was about the size of a basketball for the majority of the weekend – so bubbly, crampy, and bloated.  I definitely do not tolerate dried fruit, as well as mango and HFCS.  I think I could possibly handle small amounts of raspberries, apples and pears – just as long as I don’t go and have the whole piece of fruit for a snack or part of my meal.  I may revisit this challenge once again more methodically – one fruit at a time while eliminating things I just know don’t sit well with my tummy.

I am back on the strict Low FODMAPs for the next three days, and then I challenge Fructans – wheat, garlic, onions; and Fructan/Polyols – brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, snow peas.   My plan is to extend this challenge to be more methodical the first time around.  Instead of a two day free-for-all, I’m going to spread things out over 4 days like this:

Day 1 :: Wheat
Day 2 :: Garlic
Day 3 :: Onions
Day 4 :: Fructan/Polyols

I’ll keep you updated!

 Have a Great Week!


Foodie Pen Pal Reveal {Part 2}

Well, it seems that my Foodie Pen Pal forgot about the reveal day on her blog!  I have noticed that a lot of you have clicked over to see what I got her to no avail.

The Lean Green Bean

For the curious, I luckily snapped a quick pic before boxing everything up!  Here’s what I sent Emma:

Foodie Pen Pal Reveal

Earnest Eats Hot & Fit Cereal
Mama Ganache Artisan Chocolate
Beanfield’s Nacho Bean and Rice Chips
Spearmint Glee Gum
Big Sur Bar
Cal Poly Strawberry Jam and Chocolates
Alter Eco Dark Velvet Organic Chocolate Bar

I tried to choose locally produced items, or at least made here in California.  And Emma mentioned she loved Chocolate, so I sent her lots of that in addition!

If you want to join Foodie Pen Pals, head on over to Lindsay’s site.  No blog necessary!

Have a great Tuesday!


ALSO!  If you haven’t done so already,

remember to update your RSS feeds and bookmarks to the new URL: StephanieRDN.com!

CPK Fundraiser!

Calling all PIZZA lovers!

liz lemon lovers meat pizza

California Dietetic Association’s Coastal Tri-Counties Chapter is holding a fundraiser today [ALL day] at California Pizza Kitchen in downtown SLO!

cpk logo

I will definitely be hitting up the Farmer’s Market, then stopping in for dinner after work.  Heck, I may even pop in at lunch to grab one of their kick ass salads too.  Gotta support the cause!



Print this flyer out below, eat delicious pizza, and help support your local dietitians!

Dietetic Association

In case you didn’t read the fine print, take out and ALL beverages are included! Even if you don’t want pizza, come and have a beer with us!

But I don’t know why you wouldn’t want pizza though… I mean, it’s by far my favorite “vegetable.”


Just to clarify, pizza DOES NOT equal vegetable. 😉

And yes, dietitians DO eat pizza too!  It’s all about moderation, right?

Come and join us!

See ya at CPK!

I’m Totally Loving This… 8.23

It’s Friday! And I can’t think of a better way to wrap up the week than to rave about all the freaking awesome things in my life. #bethankful #beautyinthelittlethings


1.  Naked by David SedarisI gobbled this book up faster than a speeding bullet, and laughed my ass off the whole way.  I was that lady reading her book and literally laughing out loud, mostly in public places.  I had previously read, “Me Talk Pretty One Day,” which I loved this, so when I spotted this at my local used bookstore, I snatched it up.  It’s a series of short stories, or rather, tall tales, that take you on a journey through the author’s quirky, charming, and mostly dysfunctional life.  And can I just tell you, there is nothing more brain-relieving that reading something OTHER than RD exam review books. Ahhhh.

2.  Gaudy Gold “Diamond” Studs – You know I like to keep it gangsta and rock the ice.  I picked up some chunky CZs from Target and can’t get enough of ’em!  Maybe I am just going through a phase, but I think they look good with everything I put on.  PLUS, the are not heavy and dangly, so I can wear them without my ears hurting.  And they are less dressy than pearls (my previous staple), which suits me just fine here in lovely, laid-back California.

3.  California Black  Table Grapes – Afternoon snack of choice right here, paired with a handful of almonds. Hello, energy boost!  I grew up with purple and green grapes {ehhh, yeah…not my favorite}, but black! Black is such a treat.  They are always crisp and juicy – never tart or soft.

4.  Cheap Aviators – I am really awesome at losing my sunglasses.  In fact, in the year since I’ve moved to California I have lost 4 pairs!!  Gone are the days of spending $100+ on sunnies.  Nope. $5 will do for me!

5.  Syrah – I went through a Syrah phase last summer, and I am back on the wagon – well not really, totally off.  Peppery, meaty wine? Yes Please!  Sweet & fruity – bleh!  I only want Syrah, and only Central Coast will do.  Well, that is, if I’m not drinking champagne of course!

Have a great weekend!

Cal Poly Graduate

Ohhhh, the life of a recently graduated dietetic intern…


Oh, yeah! Did I forget to mention that I’m DONE with my 1300+ hours of supervised practice?


Yes! D.O.N.E!

IMG_6124The beautiful 2012-2013 Cal Poly Dietetic Intern Class.

Let me tell you folks, it is a gooooood feeling.

Until panic sets in and you realize you need to take a HUGE exam covering everything you’ve learned for the past 5 years AND find a job so you don’t get evicted from your brand new, beautiful apartment in the best neighborhood in the best town in the world…



Maybe I am over-exaggerating…

It’s really not that bad.

I have incredible support from my internship preceptors and friends passing along jobs, which has resulted in about 7 gajillion job applications out.  (The odds are good people!)  And I think I’m fairly well prepared to take that big ‘ol test. By the way, I’m using DietitianExam.com – I know, I know… I’m not using Inman. I just couldn’t bring myself fork over the 400 bucks. Plus, DietitanExam is all online and I like the idea of being able to study via my iPhone on the beach. 😉 Heyooo!


Life is pretty good.

So for now, I will enjoy my little bit of extra free time with lots of yoga and trail running before I join the working world – hopefully sooner than later!


Peace out homies.

Pete Dorn Race Recap + Legging Love

Good Morning!

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend!  I certainly did.

It started off with a bang with my FIRST California road race.

I ran in 36th Annual Pete Dorn 8 Mile Memorial Race and did pretty freaking well {if I do say so myself!}.

I was up at 5:00, just so I could leisurely drink my coffee, eat a waffle + sunflower butter + 1/2 of a smashed banana. #love

The race was definitely low-key.  There were no racing bibs handed out, the roads weren’t closed down, no awards at the end.  {Which is kind of a bummer – I would have at least liked a number, so I could have something to show for the race…}

So anyways, we lined up in a parking lot and were off.

The course was basically one long, slow climb, but the tour through the vineyards totally made up for it.

My legs were h.e.a.v.y. right from the get go, so I was a little worried that I might run out of steam.  It was absolutely a mentally challenging race – there wasn’t a single moment of “oh, this is so easy!”  I’m attributing this to my ramped-up vacation workout schedule that preceded the race:

Monday :: beach run + 1 yoga classes + 1 personal training session + 40 minutes incline treadmill + another yoga class
Tuesday :: yoga + Ridge run (hill workout)
Wednesday :: yoga  + Bishop’s Peak (hills)
Thursday :: RACE DAY!
Friday :: yoga + Madonna Mt. (hills)

That’s a solid 10 hours of sweat time.

{Which I then ruined with pie and champagne over the weekend…}

Worth it!

In related news, I bought my first pair of leggings!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever.  They are just so comfortable.  I completely understand now.

{And yes, I have already pinterested how I will be wearing my leggings today.}

Something like this…

Okay, getting off track here…

Back to the race.

So it was hilly and I was tired, but I pushed through and ended the race with that lovely, satisfying feeling of working your hardest.

{Unofficial} Results
Time: 55:34
Pace: 6:55
Overall Place: 20th
Female Place: 4th
Age Group Place: 1st!

I’m pretty pleased with my pace, as I have definitely not been training at that tempo.

So now the goal is to keep it up, and shave off a few more seconds, so I can be on track for a 6:50 average mile pace.

Okay time to get in a quickie run!

Happy Monday, Y’all!



I am a Liar.

So remember when I said that my first California race was going to be Castle to Coast?

Well, I lied.

{Unintentionally, of course.}

I am going to race tomorrow (!) in the 36th Annual Pete Dorn 8 Mile Run!


Mapped out via Daily Mile.

It sounds like it’s going to be pretty low key, as there is no pre-registration and no fee, just a suggested donation ($10 + 3 canned goods).

I’m so stoked!

That’s all I really want to do tomorrow for Thanksgiving.

I seem to be missing the excited-to-stuff-my-face-with-turkey gene…

I may or may not skip out on Thanksgiving and eat froyo in bed.

Doesn’t that sound way better?

In all seriousness, the froyo is just a vehicle for the mochi.  Those little marshmallows dudes are the SHIT!

So the lesson for today: If you aren’t going to gorge yourself on turkey and stuffing, make sure you have enough froyo and mochi to even it all out.

We like to keep things fair, people.

I joke, I joke.

I would be a bad dietitian if I didn’t lay down some mad Thanksgiving knowledge for you.

No need for deprivation, just be a rockstar and use your measuring cups.

Trust me, you will feel so much better if you do.

Alright gangstas, I’m outie.

Time to get downdawg at Yoga.

Happy Thanksgiving!