I’m Totally Loving This… 5.23

Yeah. I’m obsessed.


1.  All things Chamisal.  Jaime and I are trying to pace ourselves, but we have almost gone through our entire wine club stash from the pick-up party at the beginning of the month.  One bottle of the Estate Chardonnay and one bottle of Estate Pinot left, plus the extra Quest 8N Pinot Noir we snagged that was just too good to pass up.

2.  Dual Metal Jewelry.  I used to be all about keeping it to one metal at a time.  Only gold, or only silver – no mixing aloud.  Well, throw that all out the window.  I am obsessed with this look.  Bring on the gold AND silver together.  So fresh.

3.  Bumble and Bumble Spray De Mode.  I have always admired the girls with the beautiful cascading curls, but I was never able to achieve the look for longer than half an hour.  Pretty much as soon as I walk out the door my hair goes flat.  Well, no longer!  I give my blow dried hair a quick spray before styling with my flat-iron, and I am good to go from 8 to 5.  This stuff is seriously magic.

4.  Crate&Barrel Cafeware Mugs.  These are by far the most perfectly sized coffee mug.  Big enough to get a decent jolt of caffeine from my morning brew, but not so big that you feel like you drinking from a soup bowl.  Lovin’ it.

5.  SoniCare Diamond Clean.  I have always been an electric toothbrush kind of girl, but I recently switched over to SoniCare and my teeth have never felt cleaner.  The timer helps me focus on all my teeth {plus the backs}, and I swear, they look whiter too, even without white strips!

Have a Great Weekend!


What I Ate Wednesday {Dietitian Edition!}

Since I started this blog 3+ years ago, I have never done a “What I Ate Wednesday” post.  Shocking, isn’t it? I figure people might want to see what a Dietitian eats on an average day.

So without further ado, here’s what I ate!

My mornings always start with one {or two} big cups of coffee with cream and sugar. Yes, REAL half and half and REAL sugar. None of that fake shizz for this girl. Give me creamy, sweet delicious coffee or give me death {or at least that’s what it feels like, ha!}.

Coffee and Makeup

I also try to drink at least 1/2 a Nalgene (1/2 L) in the morning too.

Before I head out the door I mix up a smoothie. They are always 1/2 spinach and 1/2 some mixture of frozen fruit {blueberries, pineapple, mango, blackberries, peaches, and bananas are what are in my freezer presently} and a scoop of protein powder. NOM. This one here is of the pineapple-mango-strawberry variety.


Once I get to the hospital, I sometimes have another cup of coffee {the RDs just got a Keurig!} while I’m screening patients and organizing my day – today I forgot my mug, so no extra cup. My morning zooms by and then all of the sudden it’s time for lunch. Today we had a special menu for Earth Day! Seriously, my hospital has the BEST food!

Earth Day Menu


Bacon, Potato Kale, Tomato, Fried Egg

HR was also handing out plants and herbs this morning in honor of Earth Day. I picked out a succulent, mostly because I am terrible at remembering to water plants. Today also kicked off the start of CSA deliveries for Sierra Vista employees from Talley Farms. I haven’t joined up yet, but am seriously considering splitting a box with one of the other RDs.

After work, I popped a couple of my Blueberry Muffin Energy Bites that I whipped up last night.

blueberry muffin energy bites

And while I was at it, I took an #OOTD pic while chowing down.

OOTD banana republic
+ Draped V-Neck Pullover Sweater – Banana Republic
+ Leopard Print Pencil Skirt – Anne Taylor
+ Studded Black Flats – Michael Kors {older from Nordstroms}

After getting a nice workout in, Jaime and I headed to our favorite quick takeout joint, Tiki Hut, for rice bowls. I had a Caribbean Chicken brown rice bowl with broccoli, snow peas, and carrots. And a healthy glass of Edna Valley Pinot on the side. Duh.

Tiki Hut and Wine

And last but not least, I satisfied my sweet tooth by a slice of No Bake Carrot Cake Cream Cheese Bars. Helllooooo! So, so good!


So there you have it! A {food} day in the life of an RD. Perhaps not everyone’s idea of “perfect” eating {bacon and cream! gasp!}, but hardly anything to scoff at. Full of fiber, color, and variety. And most definitely {if not most importantly} satisfying. I love good food, and I love sharing my love with you! Hope you enjoyed!

Eat Well!


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It’s a Party!

Well hello baby loves.

Last night we celebrated something awesomeKATIE’S Birthday!

We went to Lento, which was absolutely divine.

Here is a brief description found on their website:

“A truly gourmet experience, everything from the bread on your table to the dessert at the end of your meal is made completely from scratch.  Lento features daily menu changes along with an emphasis on locally grown and organic food.

The food, drinks, and company was amazing.

We, of course, started out with a round of drinks.  And to our delight, Thursday nights are buy one cocktail, get the second free!

Grapefruit Vodka, grapefruit juice, grapefruit bitters

Something Wicked…
Kaffir Lime Vodka, coconut rum, carrot, orange, cilantro

Pisco Sour
Pisco, lemon, lime, egg white, bitters

I’ve been on a Pisco Sour kick lately.  While this was good, I think I still prefer Good Luck’s.

Next up was a variety of oysters on the half shell.

Katie had to convince both Annie and I to give them a try…

We both worked up the courage to give them a go!  I’ll try anything once!

Definitely a success! They were very good!

Our meals arrived shortly after…

Annie: Parsnip and spinach cakes with curried lentils in a carrot ginger sauce (vegan)

Katie: Spicy shrimp coconut soup with rice and cilantro

Stephanie: Cavatelli pasta, wild mushrooms, Red Russian kale, tomato sauce, Pecorino Romano topped with toasted bread crumbs (Obviously, I was not following my low FODMAPs diet last night!)

Oh my goodness. This was to. die. for. The rich flavors, the exquisite combination of textures, ohhhhh… I can’t wait for lunch time leftovers! My mouth is watering.

More oysters!

More drinks!

The Red Queen
Mandarin Blossom Vodka, peach blossom liqueur, blood orange syrup, lime

The Main Squeeze
Chinaco Blanco Tequila, Aperol, grapefruit, lime, ginger

We can’t forget dessert!

Espresso ice cream filled profiteroles.

All three of us are coffee addicts, so the dessert decision was an easy one to make.

Then it was across the courtyard to Salena’s for birthday margaritas!

Margaritas must be had on birthday’s.  It’s a rule.

Happy Birthday Katie!

Now time to run, cook, and rest up before part 2 of the celebration!  Oh yes, nutrition girls know how to do it up right!

Have a great Friday!

Coffee Sweet Coffee

I don’t know about you, but on Monday mornings coffee is my lifeblood.

I actually prefer my coffee with milk and sugar. 😉


Coffee sometimes gets a bad rep.  I get a lot of people asking me, should I be cutting coffee out of my diet?


When those words leave their lips, my world comes screeching to a halt.

I try desperately try not to look at them like this…

I resist the urge to exclaim, “You must be crazy!”

I calmly respond, “Coffee has lots of beneficial properties!”


Phew. Dodged that bullet.


So unless your coffee looks like this…

I say drink up!


Coffee Fun Facts

  • In the US, 150 million people over the age of 18 drink coffee
  • A 12 oz skim latte can have as much as 30% your total daily calcium needs
  • Coffee in moderation has shown to decrease the risk for heart disease, diabetes, dementia, and other diseases
  • Coffee contains antioxidants which help fight cancer-causing free radicals
  • Researchers have found that coffee increases student concentration (that’s reason enough for me!)
  • Women who drink coffee have a lower risk for depression


Remember, as with all good things, it’s all about moderation!  Don’t forget that coffee is also a diuretic, so follow you morning cup o’ joe with a big glass of water!


Happy Monday!

Q&A: Cream and Sugar Kickstart Alternatives

I received this great question from one of my readers:

Morning Routine:

I realize 9 times out of 10, I start my day with about 2 tablespoons of refined sugar and about 4 ounces of fatty cream.  I’m talking about my morning coffee of course.

I’m sure a lot of people will tell you, “There is no way I’m giving up my morning coffee and I don’t want to drink it black either.”
So with that, What are some healthy alternatives to the Cream and Sugar kickstart?

I LOVE this question. Love, love love! I am a firm believer in nixing the white stuff in your diet.

Let’s talk natural alternatives. 

Agave nectar: Sweeter than honey, but a more neutral taste.  Available in liquid form. Agave will easily dissolve in cold drinks (iced coffee, anyone?)  Agave nectar is extracted from the Blue Agave Cactus. Raw agave syrup has a low glycemic index and is absorbed into the body much slower than sugar. It eliminates the highs and lows experienced with eating refined sugar.   
60 calories per 1 Tbs.

Honey: Honey in coffee? Sounds weird, but it’s delicious! It’s sweeter than sugar and available in liquid (which is what I use) and crystal form. Derived from the nectar of flowers gathered by bees. Very romantic, no? Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. 
64 calories per 1 Tbs.

Molasses: I LOVE molasses – but not in my coffee. Good to know it’s out there, though.It’s unrefined/unprocessed and make sure to use the unsulfured stuff.  
58 calories per 1 Tbs.

Sucanat:   It is dehydrated, unprocessed sugar cane juice in the form of fine, ground golden-brown crystals. It’s better for baking and will dissolve quicker. Since it maintains its innate molasses, Sucanat has been proven to possess the most nutritional content of any sweetener from the sugar cane plant. The molasses adds a certain richness and also contains significant amounts of iron and calcium. Sucanat possesses far fewer calories than white sugar.  
45 calories per 1 Tbs.

Turbinado: You’ve seen me use this in my B. Bread Recipe. It comes in coarse ground crystals, which require a good stir in your morning coffee to get it all to dissolve.  When making Turbinado, the juice from the sugar cane plant is extracted, heated and then turned into crystals. This type of sugar does not preserve much of its original molasses content, although it is often used in recipes as a substitute for brown sugar. Like Sucanat, Turbinado also contains far fewer calories than white sugar.  
45 calories per 1 Tbs.

Sugar is easy.  Creamer is a little more difficult…

Cream or creamers can have anywhere from 40-90 calories. In addition, some contain saturated fat and/or trans fat. Yikes!

Skim milk: is the obvious best choice at only 10 calories per 2 tablespoons, but making the jump from full-fat to skim can be jarring.  Ease your way down starting with 2%, then 1% and finally down to skim.  Give your tastebuds time to re-adjust!

If you still turn your nose up to the thought of adding skim milk, there are a few other options:

Fat-Free Evaporated Milk:  Obviously this is a more processed choice and definitely not natural, but if you are looking for a creamier alternative, try this.   
25 calories per 2 Tbs.

Soy Creamer: Once again, more processed.  It has less fat and calories than your typical whole milk creamer, but some preservatives, stabilizers, and a little added sugar. BUT it’s Vegetarian!  
30 calories per 2 Tbs.

Coconut Milk:  Go with unsweetened. Preservatives and stabilizers in this too. TONS of health benefits adding a little coconut into the diet. Source of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. Also, vegetarian.
15 calories per 2 Tbs.

So there you go!  A few options to try out and see which one tastes best to you! TASTE TEST! 🙂