Work-Out Wrap Up

So how’d you do this week?

For the most part, I stayed right on track.  I really think the whole making a schedule helps me stick to my workouts.


But of course, not at the gym.

So here’s the breakdown:

Monday {3 sets // 10 reps}
1. Push-Up & Punch – L&R Alternate
2. Woodchipper + Burpee Tricep Push-Up – L&R Alternate – 12#
3. Clean & Press + Jump Squat Up and Back – 12#
4. Tuck Jump & 3 Squats
Cardio :: [2.5 mi Hikw + Yoga 1 hr :: 15 mins]

Tuesday {40 sec on // 10 sec rest + 40 sec Tuck Jumps in between each set}

1. Prisoner Opposite Touch Toes
2. Lunge & Fly & Touch Toe – Left  Leg – 12#
3. Lunge & Fly & Touch Toe – Right  Leg – 12#
4. Switch Lunge Jumps
5. 10 x Wide Low Squat + 10 x Side Lifts
6. Wide Leg Burpees
7. Clean and Press + 3 x Tuck Jump – 12#
8. 10 Mountain Climbers + Wide Leg Squat
9. 10 Mountain Climbers & Pike V Jump
Cardio :: [45 min cycle]

Wednesday {50 sec on // 10 sec rest} x 2

1. Bicep Curl & Reverse Lunge – 5#
2. 5 Dips & 5 Diamond Push-Ups
3. Walking Swimmers – 5#
4. Mountain Climbers & Flies – 5#
5. 5 Burpess & 5 Upright Rows – 5#
6. Standing Curls – 5#
Cardio :: [3 mi run with Jaime]

Thursday {50 sec on // 10 sec rest} x 2

1.  Push-Up + Side Plank and Twist Under
2.  Crunches – knees on yoga ball
3.  Plank + Side Toe Touches + Forearm Plank – feet on yoga ball
4.  Reverse Crunch Obliques
5.  Yoga Ball V-Ups {one leg at a time}
6.  Mountain Climbers x2 + Tricep Push-Up
Cardio :: [4 mi run]

Friday {40 sec on // 10 sec rest}

1. Bicep Curl – 12#
2. Straight Abs – 12#
3. Oblique V Abs Left
4. Tricep Dips Under Bar
5. Chest Press & Scissor Legs – 12#
6. Oblique V Abs Right
7. Upright Row – 12#
8. Squat & Press – 12#
No Cardio :: Rest

Saturday {3 sets // 12 reps}

1. Push-Ups
2. Dumbell Bench Press – 12#
3. Flies – 12#
4. Tricep Push-Ups
5. Standing Tricep Extensions – 12#
5. Tricep Kickbacks L & R – 12#
Cardio :: [2.5 mi Hike with Jaime]


And here’s next week’s plan:

Weekly Workout


AND of course, we can’t forget…

Happy Match Day to all you #RD2BEs!

Just try to relax and keep yourself occupied today.


Me on match day 2 years ago…

It’s out of your hands now.  And if you don’t get matched, there is always next year!

Good luck to you all and let me know where you place!

Happy Sunday Funday!


Abs in April

I know we’re a little late, but who’s in?!

Abs in April

Come onnnnn six pack!

Planks for DAYS!

I Quit the Gym

Yes, you heard that right.  I, Stephanie-{previous}-gym-a-holic, quit the gym.

{And no, this is not an April Fool’s joke.}

I marched my less-than-fit booty into the gym and requested to cancel my membership.  A humbling experience, I may add, as the representative looked up my last use…November.


Why, might you ask, would someone who is trying to get back in to shape quit the gym?

To be completely honest, the gym was just not fitting into my schedule.  And I’m okay with that.

I know, I know. We’ve all seen the pinterest fitspo…


It’s true. I haven’t been the most dedicated or consistent, and I’m dealing with the consequences. Tighter jeans, softer belly, rounder face.  And while some may not even notice, I’m definitely struggling.

And I’m not saying I’m quitting working out.  Oh no.  There is a bunch of that in my future.  Just not at the gym.

Many months ago, my gym-going consisted of lots of yoga classes, BodyPump, and very infrequently a cardio session.  Never once did I lift using the free weights or the nautilus machines, never used the pool, never utilized the other services the gym offered.  Seems like a waste, huh?

I’m no longer going to allow myself to feel that pang of guilt every month when $50 is extracted from my account.

What I am going to do is make fitness work for my new schedule, which includes making some sacrifices and changing priorities.  No more sleeping in late or coming home and being a slug on the couch after work.  No more spending my hard earned money on services I don’t need or use.  I’m focusing my efforts and ratcheting up my budget-friendly home workout repertoire {Aren’t you proud, Dad?}.

Check out some of my current and past favorites:

  • Yoga Centre – Online yoga videotaped from actual classes at a local studio – $9.95 for unlimited classes. This is legit and way more difficult than my gym yoga classes.  I’m growing my practice from home, and even if I only take one class per month, it’s cheaper than a walk-in.
  • YogaDownload – When I’m crunched for time, these perfect 20 minute yoga sessions get my by.
  • Daily HIIT – Formerly known as BodyRock.  You know I love this.  And hello, FREE!
  • – I completed Jaime Eason’s 12-week trainer last year, and still pull from her workouts as well as the other featured trainers.
  • Hal Higdon – My go-to when racing, I’m semi-starting an intermediate half training schedule just to give my running a little direction.
  • Cool Runnings – Another great training program I’ve used when preparing for races.

And of course, I love to try workouts other bloggers post too: Nutrition Nut on the Run, The Fitnessista,  Your Trainer Paige, and then of course those randos you find on pinterest.

So there you have it!  I quit the gym to make fitness work around my schedule, feel less guilt, and focus my energy (and spending dollars) on what works and creates changes in my body best.

And it’s not like the gym is going anywhere.  If I hate this, I can always go back.

Sounds like a win, win to me!


Questions for you:

  • Do you have a gym membership and couldn’t live without it?
  • What are your favorite online workout sources, free or otherwise?


Now go move it, move it!

Game Plan {3.31 – 4.6}

I don’t know about you, but I function much better when I have a routine and a schedule.

Recently, I have fallen out of my ‘up and at ’em’ morning routine of getting a solid workout in before my day starts, so tomorrow kicks off a new chapter! Well, kind of new chapter… I’m just getting back into the groove of not being a total slug.


Remember how much I love HIIT workouts?  Well guess what?  Girlfriend’s back on the wagon!


Here’s the plan:

Monday [no work] :: HIIT it {full body} + hike up + post-run yoga

Tuesday :: 6am – HIIT {legs} // 5pm – 60 min cycle

Wednesday :: 6am – HIIT {upper body} // 5pm – 3 mi run

Thursday :: 6am – HIIT {abs} // 5pm – 4 mi run

Friday :: 6am – HIIT {full body} // rest [let’s be honest – I’ll be enjoying happy hour]

Saturday :: 7am – HIIT {legs} // 4pm – hike

Sunday [no work] :: active rest day – kayaking, hiking, golfing, or nothing!


Not too shabby, huh?

Since I’m not actively training for a race, I think creating my own training schedule will help keep me focused.


I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Until then…

Work it girl!

City to Sea Half Marathon + Orange is the New Black

What up gangstaaaas!

Hope your week is kickin’ ass and takin’ names.

Pardon my french.

I’m attributing my bad language to my new obsession with Orange is the New Black.


Holy smokes is this show good. And not for the faint of heart.

I’ve been binge watching during study sessions.

enhanced-buzz-13448-1374516252-7Detain me whenever you like.

Hott. With 2 ts.


Annnnnd, in other news…

I signed up for a race!



It has been far to long since I’ve trained.

Plus, the whole no job thing has been making me feel kinda bummy. I. need. to. work.


So hopefully my training program will give me some sense purpose.

I’m, of course, doing Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Intermediate Program. Bringing back a little speedwork and distance in my life.


Yes. I’m a child. {And that meme has a typo…}

Anyways, it looks like a pretty fast and flat course.


I’m not in as good long-distance-shape as I was last year at this time– but if I work hard, I may be able to place in the top 10 women, judging from previous years’ times.  We’ll see, we’ll see…

That’s all for now folks. Take it easy.

Catch you on the flip side!

Brooks Pure Flow 2’s and MATCH DAY!

Hey there heyyyy!

So if you follow me on facebook or twitter or instagram you know I have been raving over my NEW Brooks Pure Flow 2’s.


I was in dire need of new running shoes, and after I started having a little medial arch pain, I got myself RIGHT down to Running Warehouse.


The girl who helped me was so friendly.  I initially went in there thinking I would just pick up another good ole’ pair of mizunos, but I wanted to try out a few other pairs just to be sure.


So glad I did because as soon as I tried on these babies, I was hooked.


Lightweight, plenty of cushion, great arch support, and a biodegradable sole – hello, I’m saving the landfills!


The Brooks Pure Flow 2’s weigh 7.2 oz, which is slighter lighter than my Mizuno Wave Precisions at 8 oz. #racefaster


I love the asymmetrical lacing and “burrito” style fold over tongue, which really helps it stay in place. Don’t you hate it when your shoes get all wonky to one side?


It’s also got this fancy split toe – which honestly, I can’t feel any difference. Ha!


Pretty sick, huh?


Now I’ve just got to get my lazy butt out for a run.


On an unrelated note, CONGRATULATIONS to all the future RDs out there who matched this Sunday! You guys are all rockstars!

Let me know if you matched at Cal Poly!
{Congrats Karen!}

And remember, if you didn’t match this time around, don’t give up on your dreams! You’ve got second round, and fall match, PLUS time to make yourself a stronger candidate! YOU CAN DO IT!

Adios Muchachos!

Pete Dorn Race Recap + Legging Love

Good Morning!

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend!  I certainly did.

It started off with a bang with my FIRST California road race.

I ran in 36th Annual Pete Dorn 8 Mile Memorial Race and did pretty freaking well {if I do say so myself!}.

I was up at 5:00, just so I could leisurely drink my coffee, eat a waffle + sunflower butter + 1/2 of a smashed banana. #love

The race was definitely low-key.  There were no racing bibs handed out, the roads weren’t closed down, no awards at the end.  {Which is kind of a bummer – I would have at least liked a number, so I could have something to show for the race…}

So anyways, we lined up in a parking lot and were off.

The course was basically one long, slow climb, but the tour through the vineyards totally made up for it.

My legs were h.e.a.v.y. right from the get go, so I was a little worried that I might run out of steam.  It was absolutely a mentally challenging race – there wasn’t a single moment of “oh, this is so easy!”  I’m attributing this to my ramped-up vacation workout schedule that preceded the race:

Monday :: beach run + 1 yoga classes + 1 personal training session + 40 minutes incline treadmill + another yoga class
Tuesday :: yoga + Ridge run (hill workout)
Wednesday :: yoga  + Bishop’s Peak (hills)
Thursday :: RACE DAY!
Friday :: yoga + Madonna Mt. (hills)

That’s a solid 10 hours of sweat time.

{Which I then ruined with pie and champagne over the weekend…}

Worth it!

In related news, I bought my first pair of leggings!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever.  They are just so comfortable.  I completely understand now.

{And yes, I have already pinterested how I will be wearing my leggings today.}

Something like this…

Okay, getting off track here…

Back to the race.

So it was hilly and I was tired, but I pushed through and ended the race with that lovely, satisfying feeling of working your hardest.

{Unofficial} Results
Time: 55:34
Pace: 6:55
Overall Place: 20th
Female Place: 4th
Age Group Place: 1st!

I’m pretty pleased with my pace, as I have definitely not been training at that tempo.

So now the goal is to keep it up, and shave off a few more seconds, so I can be on track for a 6:50 average mile pace.

Okay time to get in a quickie run!

Happy Monday, Y’all!