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I’m going to run a TRAIL half marathon

Oops, I did it again!  On a whim, I signed up for a race.  And not just any race.  I signed up for a TRAIL half marathon.  What was I thinking?!

Had you asked me two weeks ago if I had any plans to start training for a race, I would have told you that I was enjoying the flexibility of my current workout schedule and that I wasn’t feeling that competitive drive. Racing was not on my radar… but after the SLO Marathon came through town a couple weeks ago, I started to feel the itch.  And then after reading this post that has been circling around the internet, I felt that sticking to a schedule might not be so bad…

And then I got my latest issue of Runner’s World, and a fire was lit in my belly.  I got on my computer and quickly searched for Half Marathons in California, and to my delight, I found a race in Jaime’s hometown of Pollock Pines!

Run on the Sly Half Marathon

Run on the Sly treks through the foothills of Northern California’s Sierra Mountains, about 50 miles southwest of Lake Tahoe.  This race is not for the faint of heart.

Run on the Sly Half Marathon Course

Basically the first 4 miles are a gradual ~1000 ft climb, just to repeat itself again from miles 8-11!  Not to mention I’m going to be going from running/training at sea level then racing at 3600-4200 ft.  What did I get myself into!?  Hills are going to be my frenemy for the next 16 weeks.

Speaking of which, I have found a new intermediate training plan.  Only 4 runs per week.  More trails.  More hills.  More lifting.  I’m actually really digging the endurance aspect of this race, rather than focusing on speed, speed, speed as I have in past races.  I think this race will be really good for improving my mental strength and focus for future road races.  Oh, and did I mention?  No headphones allowed.  Yikes!  Yep, really good mental/positive-thinking training.

You know you’re a runner when “you’re crazy” becomes a compliment.

running half marathon race


Keep an eye out for my Weekly Workout Round-Ups for updates on how my training’s going.  Until then…

Keep it crazy.


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The Saddest Cookbook


I’m sorry.  I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this.

Hopefully this book got dusty on someone’s shelf anytime past the point of their freshman year of college.

If not, come talk to me.

RDs.  Saving the world, one microwave at a time.  😉

Happy Monday!

I am a Liar.

So remember when I said that my first California race was going to be Castle to Coast?

Well, I lied.

{Unintentionally, of course.}

I am going to race tomorrow (!) in the 36th Annual Pete Dorn 8 Mile Run!


Mapped out via Daily Mile.

It sounds like it’s going to be pretty low key, as there is no pre-registration and no fee, just a suggested donation ($10 + 3 canned goods).

I’m so stoked!

That’s all I really want to do tomorrow for Thanksgiving.

I seem to be missing the excited-to-stuff-my-face-with-turkey gene…

I may or may not skip out on Thanksgiving and eat froyo in bed.

Doesn’t that sound way better?

In all seriousness, the froyo is just a vehicle for the mochi.  Those little marshmallows dudes are the SHIT!

So the lesson for today: If you aren’t going to gorge yourself on turkey and stuffing, make sure you have enough froyo and mochi to even it all out.

We like to keep things fair, people.

I joke, I joke.

I would be a bad dietitian if I didn’t lay down some mad Thanksgiving knowledge for you.

No need for deprivation, just be a rockstar and use your measuring cups.

Trust me, you will feel so much better if you do.

Alright gangstas, I’m outie.

Time to get downdawg at Yoga.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Menus + Spreadsheets + Games! Oh my!

Well, hello there.

Still no word on my background check, but I’m keeping busy.  And thankfully, I have a new project {more on that in second}.

I finished up my trivia game…

Um, of course I started with a question on fiber.

This is the reaction I’m looking for from the employees.

I also compiled all my recipes and completed the two cycle menus.

And all together now!

Oh spreadsheets, how I love you.

I’ve still got work to do on the Employee Incentive Program, and as I mentioned previously, I have a new project to work on as well!  I am to create an event for National Eat Healthy Day {November 7th} for the hospital cafe!  I get to design a heart healthy menu to serve that day, a healthy eating exhibition, some take away recipes, plus whatever else I come up with!  My ideas will be presented to the CEO and others at French.  Ahhh! So cool!!

So with that, I better get crack-a-lackin’.

On the docket:

  • 6 mile run
  • Intern shtuff
  • Avila Farmer’s Market and Concert in the Park

Happy Friday!

Aspiration {Inspiration} :: Worth It?

Yesterday I attempted to make quinoa flour.

Score on finding this huge bag at Costco – Quinoa for everyone!

The directions I found online were simple enough.

Take 2 C quinoa…

Toast it for 5 minutes on medium heat…

Stop after you hear popping for about 2 minutes.  Remove and process until flour consistency.

This looks pretty flour-y, wouldn’t you say?

Gossip Girl reference, anyone?

First of all, my quinoa never really made a popping sound, and I had the damn thing cooking for over 15 minutes!

Second, my baby food processor, could not get the quinoa chopped small enough.   I read later if you sift the flour, while processing you can get the good stuff out, and focus on the stubborn pieces.

Worth it?

Next time I want to make pizza, I will spend the absolutely ridiculous price for pre-made quinoa flour, because now I see it’s totally worth it.

So where am I going with all of this?

With my recent realization that I can actually make {and not ruin} my own homemade oat flour and cashew butter, I’ve also discovered, how easy and quick they are create. Plus, I feel better about eating them.  SO, I think I’m going to give the whole DIY thing a bit of a go this summer.

I eat a ton of whole foods, but I’d like to try my hand at making homemade versions of the processed foods I frequently consume:

  • Yogurt
  • Bread
  • Jam
  • Cream cheese
  • Hummus
  • Salsa
  • Pasta
  • Dried Fruit
  • Salad dressings


Some things ABC News recommends you consider passing up in the grocery, for your own homemade version based on their own cost-benefit analysis.

  • Hummus: homemade (1 C), $0.85 // store-bought, $3.10
  • Guacamole: homemade (1 C), $1.50 // store-bought, $4.50
  • Potato chips: homemade, $0.80 // store-bought, $1.30
  • Loaf of bread: homemade, $1.00 // store-bought, $4.39


I’m curious to see ‘is it worth it?’  based on ease of preparation and the cost to do so.

Obviously, quinoa flour did not make the worth it list.

So keep an eye out.

I feel a new series coming on!

Over and Out.