I’m Totally Loving This… 5.23

Yeah. I’m obsessed.


1.  All things Chamisal.  Jaime and I are trying to pace ourselves, but we have almost gone through our entire wine club stash from the pick-up party at the beginning of the month.  One bottle of the Estate Chardonnay and one bottle of Estate Pinot left, plus the extra Quest 8N Pinot Noir we snagged that was just too good to pass up.

2.  Dual Metal Jewelry.  I used to be all about keeping it to one metal at a time.  Only gold, or only silver – no mixing aloud.  Well, throw that all out the window.  I am obsessed with this look.  Bring on the gold AND silver together.  So fresh.

3.  Bumble and Bumble Spray De Mode.  I have always admired the girls with the beautiful cascading curls, but I was never able to achieve the look for longer than half an hour.  Pretty much as soon as I walk out the door my hair goes flat.  Well, no longer!  I give my blow dried hair a quick spray before styling with my flat-iron, and I am good to go from 8 to 5.  This stuff is seriously magic.

4.  Crate&Barrel Cafeware Mugs.  These are by far the most perfectly sized coffee mug.  Big enough to get a decent jolt of caffeine from my morning brew, but not so big that you feel like you drinking from a soup bowl.  Lovin’ it.

5.  SoniCare Diamond Clean.  I have always been an electric toothbrush kind of girl, but I recently switched over to SoniCare and my teeth have never felt cleaner.  The timer helps me focus on all my teeth {plus the backs}, and I swear, they look whiter too, even without white strips!

Have a Great Weekend!


Pete Dorn Race Recap + Legging Love

Good Morning!

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend!  I certainly did.

It started off with a bang with my FIRST California road race.

I ran in 36th Annual Pete Dorn 8 Mile Memorial Race and did pretty freaking well {if I do say so myself!}.

I was up at 5:00, just so I could leisurely drink my coffee, eat a waffle + sunflower butter + 1/2 of a smashed banana. #love

The race was definitely low-key.  There were no racing bibs handed out, the roads weren’t closed down, no awards at the end.  {Which is kind of a bummer – I would have at least liked a number, so I could have something to show for the race…}

So anyways, we lined up in a parking lot and were off.

The course was basically one long, slow climb, but the tour through the vineyards totally made up for it.

My legs were h.e.a.v.y. right from the get go, so I was a little worried that I might run out of steam.  It was absolutely a mentally challenging race – there wasn’t a single moment of “oh, this is so easy!”  I’m attributing this to my ramped-up vacation workout schedule that preceded the race:

Monday :: beach run + 1 yoga classes + 1 personal training session + 40 minutes incline treadmill + another yoga class
Tuesday :: yoga + Ridge run (hill workout)
Wednesday :: yoga  + Bishop’s Peak (hills)
Thursday :: RACE DAY!
Friday :: yoga + Madonna Mt. (hills)

That’s a solid 10 hours of sweat time.

{Which I then ruined with pie and champagne over the weekend…}

Worth it!

In related news, I bought my first pair of leggings!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever.  They are just so comfortable.  I completely understand now.

{And yes, I have already pinterested how I will be wearing my leggings today.}

Something like this…

Okay, getting off track here…

Back to the race.

So it was hilly and I was tired, but I pushed through and ended the race with that lovely, satisfying feeling of working your hardest.

{Unofficial} Results
Time: 55:34
Pace: 6:55
Overall Place: 20th
Female Place: 4th
Age Group Place: 1st!

I’m pretty pleased with my pace, as I have definitely not been training at that tempo.

So now the goal is to keep it up, and shave off a few more seconds, so I can be on track for a 6:50 average mile pace.

Okay time to get in a quickie run!

Happy Monday, Y’all!



What to Wear :: A Dietetic Intern Style Guide

In keeping with Saturday morning’s post, I am going to continue with our foray into Dietetic Intern styling after receiving a comment from future intern, Meg (Hi Meg!). She says, “I have scoured the internet and have found little help in the ‘what to wear to a clinically based internship’ area.” Obviously, I am just beginning my journey as a Dietetic Intern, but from my experience as a Diet Tech at a large hospital in Rochester, I have picked up a tip or two regarding what to wear.

The goal is to to look professional, but be comfortable. With that being said, is my personal opinion to be slightly over-dressed, than too casual. As the saying goes, “dress for the job you want.”

Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up, shall we?


The standard shift at my hospital was a 10 hour day, which can pose a major challenge for those tootsies. To combat foot fatigue, I would frequently bring two pairs of shoes to work with me. A pair of reasonable, closed-toe pumps (3 inches or less with a sturdy heel) and a pair of supportive flats. A tip for choosing flats: if you can bend the sole backwards, you will not have enough arch support.  Also, make sure the sole is not too slick, as spills in patient rooms and kitchens can be hazardous.  I prefer something with a little rubber.  Here are a few of my favorites:

A bright, unexpected heel can brighten up an ensemble.  As my mother always says, “shoes make the outfit.”

Skirts, Slacks, and Smart Dresses

My work wardrobe includes several pairs of nice slacks and skirts in various styles and colors. As far as slacks go, I have a couple of heavier wool pairs for winter (which I probably won’t need in California!), many cropped ankle-length for the warmer months, and then some in between.  Make sure to have your pants tailored so as to not drag and damage the hem.  Some shops will measure in store (Banana Republic, J.Crew, Nordstrom, etc.) and send them out for you, so ask if they provide tailoring.  Generally, this will cost you about $12 or less.

Pencil skirts are probably my favorite work-related garments.  This season bright colors are in, so take advantage of exciting hues and prints.  Don’t forget flattering A-lines either!  Check with your hospital preceptor before coming to work with bare legs; nylons may be required.

Just keep them a modest knee-length.



Temperature regulation can be tricky at the hospital. Some patient’s rooms are kept very hot or bone-chilling cold; layering is key. Camisoles, light blouses, button downs (short sleeve!), cardigans, and light pullover sweaters are appropriate year round.

As you can see I am drawn to cream/neutral colored tops.

I also love the dressed-up tee look too.

As you can see, there is no need to go out and buy up a whole new wardrobe.  Dressing up what you already own is as easy as accessorizing!

And yes, that would be a pineapple belt.  Can you say perfect for a future RD?


Keeping hair clean and away from your face (and patient’s food) is a no-brainer.  Here are a few styles I am totally digging.

I hope this takes away a little of the what-to-wear worry!  For more ideas and where to purchase some of the items I’ve posted, check out my Professional Stylings Pinterest Board.

Here’s to Future RDs!

Schedule Adjustment and Shopping!

Two weeks from today I will be arriving in California!

I can hardly believe the time is almost here. It seems like just yesterday I was packing up my apartment in Rochester, and making the journey home. This summer flew by.

As with any new life chapter, comes a new routine; I am going to try to mess around with that while I’m home to help ease with “adjustment anxiety” when I get to California. I know I will no longer be able to have nice leisurely mornings where I read my coffee, catch up on my google reader, blog, and go workout. Once my internship begins, I will be hell on wheels from the moment my feet touch the floor in the morning.


This is completely okay with me, but it does mean that I will have to adjust my schedule. I must admit, I am a little nervous about switching up all my “me” time to the evenings. Mustering up the motivation to hit the gym in the evenings will be a challenge, as will sitting down to blog at night, instead of zoning out in front of Hulu.

So for these remaining two weeks in Washington, I am going to attempt to switch it up.  Look for OtRtRD updates later in the day.  This actually may work in my favor, as the events of the day will be more fresh!


Alright, now that I’ve got that off my chest, time to talk about what has been filling up my time since I last updated.


I put approximately 21 miles on the ole’ legs.  1/2 running & 1/2 cycling.

This was followed by a bit of internship/moving prep, which included a trip to Costco…

Ohhhhh heck yes! I am a proud Costco Cardholder! Can’t wait to buy veggies in bulk down in SLO!  hah!

Then this happened…

Current Count: 37 Shares and 83 Likes!

You like me! You really like me!



Moms and I traveled over the mountains and through the woods to grandmother’s house.  We helped clean her house, and then went s.h.o.p.p.i.n.g!  Just a few internship-friendly items.

My favorites?  The animal print pencil skirt from the Loft {completely on trend for Fall} and the newest edition to my Michael Kors shoe obsession a la Nordies.

I also picked up a pair of black pants from The Limited [finding black pants is always a huge win in my book], a couple of short sleeve tops from Banana, and another pair of shoes from Macy’s.

For a quickie half day shopping trip, I’d say we did pretty well!



Now, I am off for my run, and then up to the water slides for the day!

Have a great weekend!

Recycled T-Shirt :: The T-Tank

Hey there!

Two posts in ONE day!


I was just too excited to wait until tomorrow.

So I was browsing the lovely Pinterest last night, when I came across such a fabulous, easy DIY project, that I actually DID!

Enter:  Recycled T-Shirt T-Tank

Hell to the YES!

Remember how I mentioned I have a million old race t’s… Well, now I have a use for them!

Okay, here’s how you do it:

1.  Find an old t-shirt.

2.  Cut off the sleeves and collar.

3. Create the straps. Starting about 1/2 an inch away from the neckline, cut a slight scoop, meeting the bottom of the now-removed sleeve.

4. Deepen the scoop of the neck.

5. Cut a deeper v into the back of the t, even with the bottom of the removed sleeve.

6. Using the bottom of the sleeve, tie a bow around the bottom of the straps.

7. Go for a run, lift weights, clean your house, or car {which mine desperately needs} in your new fabulous t-tank!

Yay! Pretty cute huh?

Much better than a baggy old t-shirt.

Three cheers for Pinterest!


These are a few of my favorite things.

I can not get enough of summer clothing and accessories.  And due to our slightly-less-than-desirable weather lately, I have been dying to get into my summer wardrobe.  In attempt to satiate my desire, I’ve created a quick guide on what you will catch me wearing June through … well, all year long come my move to California!

1.  J.Crew, Daquiri Ice 3″ Chinos

I cannot get enough of this perfect mint color.  I also have a pair in light blue gingham.

2.  G by Guess, Lurrela Flat Sandals

I found these just in time, because my all-time favorite Michael Kors sandals {which I’ve had for about 3 years} are beginning to show their age.  Time to retire those, and replace them with these delicate sandals!

3.  Target, Blonde Faux Ray Bans

I know, I know.  They aren’t aviators – which I adore – but how fun are these?!  Target also has them in a variety of other great colors.  Plus with a price tag of only $12.99, they can’t be beat. {and if they do get beat[up], just buy a new pair!}

4.  Feather Accessories

I can’t get enough of all-things-feather {except hair extensions}.

5.  J. Crew, Lucille Dress is Scalloped Eyelet

This is the perfect blank canvas dress. Add cute scarves, bright colored belts, funky jewelery to make this classic, feminine dress your own.  P.S. This is what I wore to graduation.

6.  Tiffany Blue Polish

Another perfect color for summer.  This shade is currently gracing my digits, accented by silver glitter on my ring fingers.

7.  Bright Color Belts

My wardrobe is filled with classic items and solid colors, so little touches such as a these bring life and a bit of spontaneity to my outfits.

8.  Pearl Earrings

I am such a sucker for timeless, feminine items.  Adding pearl earrings instantly dress any outfit up.  Try unexpected combinations too – pearls with your favorite t and jeans.

9.  Ivanka Trump, Halyn Ankle Strap Wedge Sandals

You can’t have summer without the perfect wedge sandal – and this one may be it!  Perfect for going from day time running around to summer evening fun.

10.  Simple Headbands

As much as I love my bangs, sometimes I don’t want to deal with them on hot summer days.  For a perfectly polished {easy} look, throw your hair in a top knot, french braid, or easy pony with a thin, solid colored aliceband.

Have a Stylish Summer!