I’m Totally Loving This… 5.23

Yeah. I’m obsessed.


1.  All things Chamisal.  Jaime and I are trying to pace ourselves, but we have almost gone through our entire wine club stash from the pick-up party at the beginning of the month.  One bottle of the Estate Chardonnay and one bottle of Estate Pinot left, plus the extra Quest 8N Pinot Noir we snagged that was just too good to pass up.

2.  Dual Metal Jewelry.  I used to be all about keeping it to one metal at a time.  Only gold, or only silver – no mixing aloud.  Well, throw that all out the window.  I am obsessed with this look.  Bring on the gold AND silver together.  So fresh.

3.  Bumble and Bumble Spray De Mode.  I have always admired the girls with the beautiful cascading curls, but I was never able to achieve the look for longer than half an hour.  Pretty much as soon as I walk out the door my hair goes flat.  Well, no longer!  I give my blow dried hair a quick spray before styling with my flat-iron, and I am good to go from 8 to 5.  This stuff is seriously magic.

4.  Crate&Barrel Cafeware Mugs.  These are by far the most perfectly sized coffee mug.  Big enough to get a decent jolt of caffeine from my morning brew, but not so big that you feel like you drinking from a soup bowl.  Lovin’ it.

5.  SoniCare Diamond Clean.  I have always been an electric toothbrush kind of girl, but I recently switched over to SoniCare and my teeth have never felt cleaner.  The timer helps me focus on all my teeth {plus the backs}, and I swear, they look whiter too, even without white strips!

Have a Great Weekend!


I’m Totally Loving This… 8.23

It’s Friday! And I can’t think of a better way to wrap up the week than to rave about all the freaking awesome things in my life. #bethankful #beautyinthelittlethings


1.  Naked by David SedarisI gobbled this book up faster than a speeding bullet, and laughed my ass off the whole way.  I was that lady reading her book and literally laughing out loud, mostly in public places.  I had previously read, “Me Talk Pretty One Day,” which I loved this, so when I spotted this at my local used bookstore, I snatched it up.  It’s a series of short stories, or rather, tall tales, that take you on a journey through the author’s quirky, charming, and mostly dysfunctional life.  And can I just tell you, there is nothing more brain-relieving that reading something OTHER than RD exam review books. Ahhhh.

2.  Gaudy Gold “Diamond” Studs – You know I like to keep it gangsta and rock the ice.  I picked up some chunky CZs from Target and can’t get enough of ’em!  Maybe I am just going through a phase, but I think they look good with everything I put on.  PLUS, the are not heavy and dangly, so I can wear them without my ears hurting.  And they are less dressy than pearls (my previous staple), which suits me just fine here in lovely, laid-back California.

3.  California Black  Table Grapes – Afternoon snack of choice right here, paired with a handful of almonds. Hello, energy boost!  I grew up with purple and green grapes {ehhh, yeah…not my favorite}, but black! Black is such a treat.  They are always crisp and juicy – never tart or soft.

4.  Cheap Aviators – I am really awesome at losing my sunglasses.  In fact, in the year since I’ve moved to California I have lost 4 pairs!!  Gone are the days of spending $100+ on sunnies.  Nope. $5 will do for me!

5.  Syrah – I went through a Syrah phase last summer, and I am back on the wagon – well not really, totally off.  Peppery, meaty wine? Yes Please!  Sweet & fruity – bleh!  I only want Syrah, and only Central Coast will do.  Well, that is, if I’m not drinking champagne of course!

Have a great weekend!

Happy RD Day!

Good Morning!

I’m up bright and early to get a 5 miler + HIIT workout in today, so I feel kinda lucky that *hopefully* I will be one of the first to wish you a…


Here’s what the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has to say about the beloved career:

  • Registered Dietitians are the food and nutrition experts who can translate the science of nutrition into practical solutions for healthy living.
  • Registered Dietitians have degrees in nutrition, dietetics, public health or a related field from well-respected, accredited colleges and universities, completed an internship and passed an examination.
  • Registered Dietitians use their nutrition expertise to help individuals make unique, positive lifestyle changes.
  • Registered Dietitians work throughout the community in hospitals, schools, public health clinics, nursing homes, fitness centers, food management, food industry, universities, research and private practice.
  • Registered Dietitians are advocates for advancing the nutritional status of Americans and people around the world.

I’m sure you all knew that though!

Today, I will be working my way one step closer to becoming an RD with my {second} DI phone interview with Sea Mar Community Health Center in Seattle!

I’m slightly nervous as they will be quizzing me on my Spanish vocabulary. Blerg! I haven’t taken Spanish since highschool, so I will likely make a fool out of myself, but I am gonna give it my best darn shot. Ha!  If anything, we will have a good laugh!   Brushing up and becoming more fluent is a goal of mine that I hope to tackle this summer.

Yo soy un Dietista Registrado.

Hopefully I will be able to announce that soon for reals, yo!

To those who proudly call themselves RDs, YOU ROCK!  Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!  I can’t wait to join the ranks!

And to those who have a lovely RD (or future RD… hint, hint) in their lives, give them a big hug, bottle of wine, and tell them THANK YOU!

Why yes, didn’t you know? Wine is the traditional gift for RD day.

We are a classy bunch, obviously.

Happy RD Day!

Rock On!


High FIVE for Good Times Ahead!

Well, hello there!

Last time we spoke I was in a head-to-head match with finals, which is now O.V.E.R.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have finished up the hardest quarter of my [very long] college career.


I am rather proud of myself and have been in celebration mode since yesterday at 9:32am, which is when I turned in my MNT final exam.

I’m sure those of you who have had the delight of being around me during these past 11 weeks are rejoicing as well.

Say goodbye to frazzled, stressed-out, neurotic, running-around-like-a-crazy person Stephanie.  And say hello to cool as a cucumber, relaxed, down-for-whatever-adventures-lie-ahead Stephanie.

Ha! We’ll see if that actually happens.

Over break I have big plans. BIG plans!

Like cleaning my bathroom, doing my dishes, getting my rear windshield wiper fixed, going grocery shopping…

It’s going to be great!

Cherish it I will.

I also plan on getting a new phone, new RUNNING shoes {!}, and taking a trip out to the mall to use that J.Crew gift card that has been burning a hole in my pocket!

And likely far too much Pinterest and wine.

Also, I picked up this little guy a la Kindle for Mac last night (which, by the way, is SUCH a money saver, especially for text books) after receiving a recommendation from my friend [and in honor of the title of my blog]:

I’m working on Chapter 5 of Part 1 now. So far, so good!  I’ve never read any Jack Kerouac before (I know, I know…), and it’s beautiful and interesting and makes me very excited for my {2nd} cross-country driving trip back to the West Coast.

Speaking of the West Coast, it’s time to start getting serious about training for this bad boy.

Woop woop!

So there you have it! My plans for Spring Break!


More Wine, Please

Hello my little cupids.

Hopefully you aren’t dealing with a champagne and conversation heart hangover… I’m certainly not, as I’m sure you all deduced after my bitter, old lady post yesterday.

Not that I didn’t have a little wine…

And in case you are in fact stalking my garbage, lemme help lighten your workload–  I prefer a dry Columbia Valley Riesling.

I’m actually a fairly happy camper.  I went to bed with a smile on my face, and woke up with one too.

Probably the wine.

Moving on!

Today is DICAS application due date day! WOOHOO! Wow. February 15th is a day I thought would never come, but it’s here.  Good luck to all you Future RD’s out there!

To celebrate, I am going to be doing our 2 final case studies! Unbelievable.  If I had to count up the hours I have spent toiling over these damn things… Stop! Just give me more wine.

Now, come on. We’re health professionals here. A whole box wouldn’t be healthy…


Happy Wednesday!