Work-Out Wrap Up

So how’d you do this week?

For the most part, I stayed right on track.  I really think the whole making a schedule helps me stick to my workouts.


But of course, not at the gym.

So here’s the breakdown:

Monday {3 sets // 10 reps}
1. Push-Up & Punch – L&R Alternate
2. Woodchipper + Burpee Tricep Push-Up – L&R Alternate – 12#
3. Clean & Press + Jump Squat Up and Back – 12#
4. Tuck Jump & 3 Squats
Cardio :: [2.5 mi Hikw + Yoga 1 hr :: 15 mins]

Tuesday {40 sec on // 10 sec rest + 40 sec Tuck Jumps in between each set}

1. Prisoner Opposite Touch Toes
2. Lunge & Fly & Touch Toe – Left  Leg – 12#
3. Lunge & Fly & Touch Toe – Right  Leg – 12#
4. Switch Lunge Jumps
5. 10 x Wide Low Squat + 10 x Side Lifts
6. Wide Leg Burpees
7. Clean and Press + 3 x Tuck Jump – 12#
8. 10 Mountain Climbers + Wide Leg Squat
9. 10 Mountain Climbers & Pike V Jump
Cardio :: [45 min cycle]

Wednesday {50 sec on // 10 sec rest} x 2

1. Bicep Curl & Reverse Lunge – 5#
2. 5 Dips & 5 Diamond Push-Ups
3. Walking Swimmers – 5#
4. Mountain Climbers & Flies – 5#
5. 5 Burpess & 5 Upright Rows – 5#
6. Standing Curls – 5#
Cardio :: [3 mi run with Jaime]

Thursday {50 sec on // 10 sec rest} x 2

1.  Push-Up + Side Plank and Twist Under
2.  Crunches – knees on yoga ball
3.  Plank + Side Toe Touches + Forearm Plank – feet on yoga ball
4.  Reverse Crunch Obliques
5.  Yoga Ball V-Ups {one leg at a time}
6.  Mountain Climbers x2 + Tricep Push-Up
Cardio :: [4 mi run]

Friday {40 sec on // 10 sec rest}

1. Bicep Curl – 12#
2. Straight Abs – 12#
3. Oblique V Abs Left
4. Tricep Dips Under Bar
5. Chest Press & Scissor Legs – 12#
6. Oblique V Abs Right
7. Upright Row – 12#
8. Squat & Press – 12#
No Cardio :: Rest

Saturday {3 sets // 12 reps}

1. Push-Ups
2. Dumbell Bench Press – 12#
3. Flies – 12#
4. Tricep Push-Ups
5. Standing Tricep Extensions – 12#
5. Tricep Kickbacks L & R – 12#
Cardio :: [2.5 mi Hike with Jaime]


And here’s next week’s plan:

Weekly Workout


AND of course, we can’t forget…

Happy Match Day to all you #RD2BEs!

Just try to relax and keep yourself occupied today.


Me on match day 2 years ago…

It’s out of your hands now.  And if you don’t get matched, there is always next year!

Good luck to you all and let me know where you place!

Happy Sunday Funday!


Brooks Pure Flow 2’s and MATCH DAY!

Hey there heyyyy!

So if you follow me on facebook or twitter or instagram you know I have been raving over my NEW Brooks Pure Flow 2’s.


I was in dire need of new running shoes, and after I started having a little medial arch pain, I got myself RIGHT down to Running Warehouse.


The girl who helped me was so friendly.  I initially went in there thinking I would just pick up another good ole’ pair of mizunos, but I wanted to try out a few other pairs just to be sure.


So glad I did because as soon as I tried on these babies, I was hooked.


Lightweight, plenty of cushion, great arch support, and a biodegradable sole – hello, I’m saving the landfills!


The Brooks Pure Flow 2’s weigh 7.2 oz, which is slighter lighter than my Mizuno Wave Precisions at 8 oz. #racefaster


I love the asymmetrical lacing and “burrito” style fold over tongue, which really helps it stay in place. Don’t you hate it when your shoes get all wonky to one side?


It’s also got this fancy split toe – which honestly, I can’t feel any difference. Ha!


Pretty sick, huh?


Now I’ve just got to get my lazy butt out for a run.


On an unrelated note, CONGRATULATIONS to all the future RDs out there who matched this Sunday! You guys are all rockstars!

Let me know if you matched at Cal Poly!
{Congrats Karen!}

And remember, if you didn’t match this time around, don’t give up on your dreams! You’ve got second round, and fall match, PLUS time to make yourself a stronger candidate! YOU CAN DO IT!

Adios Muchachos!


Hello and Good Morning!

So if you were on Twitter or Facebook last night, you have heard the good news!





And at my #1 choice too! Woop woop!

I will be heading to SUNNY CALIFORNIA! 

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo here I come!

I was overwhelmed by all the love and support that headed my way following my announcement!

{Names California-style-blacked-out to protect the innocent!}

My feeds were going crazy.

I was on the phone for ever.


For those who are unfamiliar with the town of San Luis Obispo, AKA SLO (said “slow”), check this video out:

PLUS, did you know smoking in public is banned in SLO?  OR that there are no fast food drive-thrus?!  So. awesome.

That on top of the hiking, beaches, bike trails, an amazing farmer’s market, and of course we can’t forget the weather — a runner’s dream! — It’s a healthy girl’s haven.

I am also really, really excited about their rotations!  Specifically, STRIDE [Science through Translational Research In Diet and Exercise] and the Diabetes Research Institute!  AND I will be accumulating GRAD CREDS!

It’s perfect. Absolutely PERFECT for me!

I’m over the moon!

Of course, I documented everything last night.  Here’s a little Before & After:

SO nervous before (hence the healthy glass of red) and ecstatic after!

Congratulations to all the other #RD2Be girls and guys that got matched last night!

And for those who didn’t – Don’t Give Up!  Get on that second round, check out grad schools, & keep at it!

If you are headed to SLO next year, HIT ME UP!  I wanna meet you!

Love, love, love to you all!

Match Day!

It’s here.

April 1st.

Not April Fool’s Day.

Match Day.



In eight hours {and change}, I will exit out of this nebulous/vague/shadowy phase, and have some sort of idea as to where my life is headed.

Crossing my fingers that my match message looks a little something like this…

Minus the Happy Valentine’s Day part.  You all know how I feel about that day! 😉

My plan for the day:

Clean –> Run –> Do homework –> Bake –> Go to dinner –> Drink wine –> Open D&D –> Cry {hopefully tears of joy!}

Basically, the goal is to keep myself as busy as possible to avoid dealing with the pit of emotions twisting and turning in my stomach.

Honestly, I have no idea what I am going to do with myself once I receive my Match verdict.

In the case of getting a match:

In the case of not getting a match:

Neurosis enters high gear.


If you don’t get matched, you have to remember there are other options.  On April 4th, D&D will release a list of Internships that did not fill.  You can review that list and contact the DI Directors of programs that may be of interest.  Do this early in the day, as some Internships require immediate responses.  DICAS will then open up again for a second match round.  Follow the instructions carefully!  Some second round matches require paper applications/supplemental forms.

And there is always grad school!

For now, NO WORRIES!

All of you are fabulous, wonderful, smart, talented, and beautiful!  And I love you!  And that is most important. 🙂

Everything happens for a reason.  And things always, always, always work out in the end!

I’m thinking good thoughts for you all!

Good Luck Future RDs!

You Rock!

Dietetic Internship Application? Check!


I am DONE with my Dietetic Internship Applications!  They are turned in, sent off, and paid for!


Yo dawg, not mundane.

I have been planning and dreaming and scheming, and most importantly, working my booty off for this for over a year.  And while I know that I don’t have an Internship yet, I think the hardest part is behind me.  Well, except for the waiting. I hate waiting.  I think I actually mentioned that in my personal statement… 😉 Impatient, much?

Slightly frightening.

I was nervous to pull the trigger, going over everything a million times, checking, re-checking, but finally I did it.  It. Is. Done.

So what’s next?  I *hopefully* will have a couple of phone interviews (some internships do, some don’t) and then I wait for match day!

Now I just have to make it through two more weeks of crazy classes + finals week, and [I think] the rest of my senior year will be smooth sailing.

I can do this.

Have a great week, rock stars!