Weekly Round-Up

Here’s a look back at last week…

Beat the Heat

H.O.L.Y. smokes it was hot.  Here on the central coast we are known for our year-long sunny and 75 weather, but Mother Nature decided to mix things up and send us a scorcher.  We were in the upper 90’s and 100’s.  Very few people have air conditioners, so needless to say, the beaches were packed.  Jaime and I decided to beat the heat by heading out past Lopez Lake to Big Falls.




Hello perfect swimming hole.


We brought lunch, and other necessities…


Caught a one-eyed salamander. {not my arm…}


Saw Bambi.


Can I just gush?  I love where I live.










The Moves

The heat definitely put a damper on my workouts, which really shouldn’t be an excuse.  I did get up early to run a couple of times this past week, but lifting got left behind… oops.  Two 4 milers and a 6 miler.  That’s it.  That’s all she wrote.  Better than nothin’ I suppose.

Here’s the plan for next week:

+ Monday :: 3 mi + arms
+ Tuesday :: 4 mi + abs
+ Wednesday :: 4 mi
+ Thursday :: Legs
+ Friday :: Rest
+ Saturday :: 7 mi + abs
+ Sunday :: 3 mi + arms


Giving Back

This Saturday was the Coastal Tri-Counties Dietetic Association’s Spring Fling event.  This year’s theme was,“Giving Back to the Community,” spotlighting food insecurity.  I think it’s important to share the work of dietitian’s at the local level, especially in light of the Mother Jones controversy.  [Check out this article for some good insight – more on all this later.  I have lots of opinions.]

Our featured guest was Dave Schmit, former “Chef to the Stars.”  Chef Dave is dedicated to serving meals utilizing rescued food for the patrons of the Maxine Lewis Homeless Shelter.  Dave presented a lecture on his service to the homeless shelter, as well as provided a cooking demonstration with take home recipes.

I think the most important take home message was that the homeless are not starving; they are malnourished, and still need healthful food.  The needy don’t need our leftover boxes of ridiculously salt-filled mac and cheese {although all donations are appreciated}; we need to feed our homeless wholesome, nutritious foods that will help them feel and think better. 

As a clinical dietitian serving many homeless here in San Luis, this really struck a note.  If we took a look at the lab values of the homeless population, most likely they would be prescribed some sort of therapeutic diet for chronic conditions.

Chef Dave is an excellent model of nutrition for the homeless in our community, making use of 200-300 lbs. donated produce, and about 20-40 lbs. of meat to prepare balanced, nutritious meals!

If you’re here in the San Luis Obispo area, learn more here on how you can volunteer and get involved serving your community.


FODMAPs Update

This past weekend, I competed my Fructose and Special Case Fruits {containing fructose and sorbitol} challenge.  Let’s just say, it was fun or pretty.  My belly was about the size of a basketball for the majority of the weekend – so bubbly, crampy, and bloated.  I definitely do not tolerate dried fruit, as well as mango and HFCS.  I think I could possibly handle small amounts of raspberries, apples and pears – just as long as I don’t go and have the whole piece of fruit for a snack or part of my meal.  I may revisit this challenge once again more methodically – one fruit at a time while eliminating things I just know don’t sit well with my tummy.

I am back on the strict Low FODMAPs for the next three days, and then I challenge Fructans – wheat, garlic, onions; and Fructan/Polyols – brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, snow peas.   My plan is to extend this challenge to be more methodical the first time around.  Instead of a two day free-for-all, I’m going to spread things out over 4 days like this:

Day 1 :: Wheat
Day 2 :: Garlic
Day 3 :: Onions
Day 4 :: Fructan/Polyols

I’ll keep you updated!

 Have a Great Week!


I Have Arrived.

Today marks the beginning of my first full month of California dreaming living.

I arrived in to town a week ago yesterday.  I don’t even have the words to describe how beautiful, incredible, amazing this place is.

Let’s start with the drive down from Washington, shall we?

Our start was a bit of whirlwind.  So we found out that we got the apartment on a Tuesday (the 21st of August) evening.  The next day I called to see what steps we need to take to so we can get moved in on either Saturday of Sunday, as my family and I planned to leave early Friday morning.

Welp, the realty office was not able to assign keys, go through paperwork, and do their formal walk-through of the apartment on the weekends, so that left us with two choices – a Friday afternoon appointment OR a Monday afternoon date.  Seeing that my family had to leave town early Tuesday, Monday was out of the question; there would just be no time to get unloaded, set up, or more importantly, explore the town!  So Friday afternoon it was!

Thankfully, during my conversation with the realtor, my father was out picking up the U-Haul trailer, so at least we had something to pack all my belongings in to, and that’s exactly what we did.  He got home, and we began loading up.  Three hours later my Dad and I hit the road in his truck.  My mom planned to bring up the rear in my Subaru the next day after she got off work.

Whirlwind, no?  Instead of leaving Friday, we left Wednesday afternoon – a day and a half ahead of schedule.  I am usually a planner/scheduler that likes things to run  according to plan, so I really must pat myself on the back for my flexibility during that time – no freak outs, just a get.it.done attitude.

SO, after that whole fiasco, we hit the peaceful road.  I won’t bombard you with photos of the drive down (I took over 300), but here are a few of my favorites.  If you want to see more, check out my facebook albums.

Saying goodbye to the beautiful Columbia River.

Heading in to Oregon.

Gorgeous sunset over the farmlands.

Mt. Hood.

And that was a wrap for Day 1.

Moving on to Day 2…

Beautiful view of the Three Sisters.

And the breathtaking Mt. Shasta.

I mean, seriously, it’s huge!

BTW, Welcome to California! There was no big California sign when we entered, just an agriculture check to make sure we weren’t smuggling any produce into the state. {They allowed our big bag of Costco carrots, thankfully.} You can see why they have this border check, as the rest of road down to SLO [San Luis Obispo] was lined with farmlands, orchards, and vineyards.

The California Aqueduct.

About half hour away from SLO is WINE COUNTRY! I think Paso Robles and I are going to become good friends.

We made it!

That big M stands for Mustangs, the Cal Poly mascot Madonna. {Yeah, was totally wrong on that.}

Dad and I checked out the campus, Friday morning before hitting up the real estate office to pick up keys.

Yay! Found the Nutrition building!

After our quick tour of campus, we picked up our keys and the rest is history!

Welcome Home!

{Pictures from my lovely roomate, Dana!}

I think I’m going to like it here!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!


Hello and Good Morning!

So if you were on Twitter or Facebook last night, you have heard the good news!





And at my #1 choice too! Woop woop!

I will be heading to SUNNY CALIFORNIA! 

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo here I come!

I was overwhelmed by all the love and support that headed my way following my announcement!

{Names California-style-blacked-out to protect the innocent!}

My feeds were going crazy.

I was on the phone for ever.


For those who are unfamiliar with the town of San Luis Obispo, AKA SLO (said “slow”), check this video out:

PLUS, did you know smoking in public is banned in SLO?  OR that there are no fast food drive-thrus?!  So. awesome.

That on top of the hiking, beaches, bike trails, an amazing farmer’s market, and of course we can’t forget the weather — a runner’s dream! — It’s a healthy girl’s haven.

I am also really, really excited about their rotations!  Specifically, STRIDE [Science through Translational Research In Diet and Exercise] and the Diabetes Research Institute!  AND I will be accumulating GRAD CREDS!

It’s perfect. Absolutely PERFECT for me!

I’m over the moon!

Of course, I documented everything last night.  Here’s a little Before & After:

SO nervous before (hence the healthy glass of red) and ecstatic after!

Congratulations to all the other #RD2Be girls and guys that got matched last night!

And for those who didn’t – Don’t Give Up!  Get on that second round, check out grad schools, & keep at it!

If you are headed to SLO next year, HIT ME UP!  I wanna meet you!

Love, love, love to you all!