I Quit the Gym

Yes, you heard that right.  I, Stephanie-{previous}-gym-a-holic, quit the gym.

{And no, this is not an April Fool’s joke.}

I marched my less-than-fit booty into the gym and requested to cancel my membership.  A humbling experience, I may add, as the representative looked up my last use…November.


Why, might you ask, would someone who is trying to get back in to shape quit the gym?

To be completely honest, the gym was just not fitting into my schedule.  And I’m okay with that.

I know, I know. We’ve all seen the pinterest fitspo…


It’s true. I haven’t been the most dedicated or consistent, and I’m dealing with the consequences. Tighter jeans, softer belly, rounder face.  And while some may not even notice, I’m definitely struggling.

And I’m not saying I’m quitting working out.  Oh no.  There is a bunch of that in my future.  Just not at the gym.

Many months ago, my gym-going consisted of lots of yoga classes, BodyPump, and very infrequently a cardio session.  Never once did I lift using the free weights or the nautilus machines, never used the pool, never utilized the other services the gym offered.  Seems like a waste, huh?

I’m no longer going to allow myself to feel that pang of guilt every month when $50 is extracted from my account.

What I am going to do is make fitness work for my new schedule, which includes making some sacrifices and changing priorities.  No more sleeping in late or coming home and being a slug on the couch after work.  No more spending my hard earned money on services I don’t need or use.  I’m focusing my efforts and ratcheting up my budget-friendly home workout repertoire {Aren’t you proud, Dad?}.

Check out some of my current and past favorites:

  • Yoga Centre – Online yoga videotaped from actual classes at a local studio – $9.95 for unlimited classes. This is legit and way more difficult than my gym yoga classes.  I’m growing my practice from home, and even if I only take one class per month, it’s cheaper than a walk-in.
  • YogaDownload – When I’m crunched for time, these perfect 20 minute yoga sessions get my by.
  • Daily HIIT – Formerly known as BodyRock.  You know I love this.  And hello, FREE!
  • BodyBuilding.com – I completed Jaime Eason’s 12-week trainer last year, and still pull from her workouts as well as the other featured trainers.
  • Hal Higdon – My go-to when racing, I’m semi-starting an intermediate half training schedule just to give my running a little direction.
  • Cool Runnings – Another great training program I’ve used when preparing for races.

And of course, I love to try workouts other bloggers post too: Nutrition Nut on the Run, The Fitnessista,  Your Trainer Paige, and then of course those randos you find on pinterest.

So there you have it!  I quit the gym to make fitness work around my schedule, feel less guilt, and focus my energy (and spending dollars) on what works and creates changes in my body best.

And it’s not like the gym is going anywhere.  If I hate this, I can always go back.

Sounds like a win, win to me!


Questions for you:

  • Do you have a gym membership and couldn’t live without it?
  • What are your favorite online workout sources, free or otherwise?


Now go move it, move it!


I’m Totally Loving This… 8.30

Annnnd we’re back!

There is nothing worse than that wave of panic when you realize your site is down.  I am definitely not the most tech-savy, so attempting to decode a behind the scenes problem is not one of my strong suits.  Fortunately, a refresh of my domain mapping did the trick. #phew

It’s funny how this totally ties into my theme today…

I have a truly delightful character flaw in which I am able to work myself into a tizzy over potential future mishaps way before these imagined outcomes occur.  Sometimes this can be a good thing, as the compulsion to avoid disaster drives me to work harder.  But most of the time, I end up in a weepy puddle, calling my momma for advice.  Not hot.  Now, I know things seem to always work out in the end, and hard work does pay off.   So my current aspiration {no pun intended} is to breathe.  need to remember this in the heat of an anxious moment, as well as ensuring I making time for some preventative breathing, eg) yoga and running.  Slow down.  Breathe.  And every little thing will be alright.


Have a lovely holiday weekend!

Today’s Post is Brought to You by the Letter M. M for Meme.

Day 2 of Thanksgiving break.

Man, I wish I could just workout for a living.  Wouldn’t that be just the best?  Mix that in with some nutrition counseling, and I’d be golden.  I really need to get cracking on my ACSM personal training certification.

So my plan for today?

1) Get in a hill workout without dying.

See Exhibit One:

Yeah, that would be last Monday’s epic fail on Madonna Mt. Going too fast, caught some loose gravel, and booop!  In front of some dude too. #mymiddlenameisgrace


Shut up, bad advice cat.

2) Get my oil changed.

3) Get a haircut.

I was totally thinking bangs and little layering on the side too… 

4) Take Yoga.

And one more in the name of yoga…

I mean, come. on.

Girls and guys alike can appreciate dat ass.

Damn. Can I get one of those?

Time for running and many squats.

Peace out yoga booty lovers.

Dietetic Internship Update :: Food Service Management

Good morning! Good morning!

So, I meant to post about my day yesterday after finishing up with my work, but the whole evening blogging thing is tough!  I’m much more of a morning person – and that is true for working out, too.  I may be able to keep my whole blog/exercise/drink coffee routine depending on what my schedule is like for my first rotation.  Some of the other girls don’t have to arrive on site until 9:00am, so that would be perfect! But I’m still waiting on that dang background check.  Fortunately, that hasn’t kept me stagnant.  My preceptor has assigned me some really cool projects.  Which I am now going to tell you about.  Okay? Okay! {Pardon my over-enthusiasm this morning – I’m running on about 3 hours of sleep – slap-happy-Stephanie! Woo!}


Project #1

October 1st through the 5th is Food Service Week!  My preceptor is currently collecting donations from various vendors for giveaway prizes.  My task is to create a trivia game based on different foods.  Each day there will be a new winner!  Fun, right?

Project #2

French Hospital makes at least two homemade salads for their salad bar everyday.  I am to find recipes and create a two week menu rotation for Monday through Friday (20 salads).

Project #3

My preceptor asked me to design an Employee Incentive Program based upon patient satisfaction.  Employees are graded in the following areas: Flavor of Food, Courtesy of Server, Temperature of Food, and Overall Service.  French is looking to increase their scores.  I get to come up with a way to do that through this program AND plan the party/reward for after!

Project #4

In the French Cafeteria, they have a Grab n Go section with sandwiches, salads, parfaits, pudding, and jello.  My job is to create a three week cycle menu with simple, healthy, recipes.


How fun are these assignments?!

Yesterday, I spent 8.5 hours working on things – I’ve completed the Trivia Game and Salad Bar Rotation, made a dent in the Grab n Go menu cycle, and brainstormed for the Employee Incentive Program.  A substantial chunk, I’d say.

I’m trying to keep my hours in line, so I don’t fall too far behind; we are required to log 32 hours Tuesdays through Thursday at each of our sites.


The plan for today:

  • Run 6 miles
  • Check out Arroyo Grande’s Farmer’s Market, if I have time {not that I need anything, my fridge is stocked to the brim!}
  • Yoga at Harmony House Yoga in Pismo Beach at noon (Hello, $8 community classes! What a deal!)
  • Work on Intern shtuff

Today is all about taking care of myself.  Yesterday, I did a poor job of that.  I sat at my desk working on all of the above, and then browsed the internets {I like calling it “the internets.” …such a weirdo.} and watched hulu for the rest of the day.  Yuck.  Lazy, lazy, lazy bones.

And that’s enough. Time to get crackin’!

Later, dudes.


Whirlwind of a Day


Whew, lemme just breathe for a second here.

I have been go, go go since I woke up this morning – Working on some very exciting things!

First exciting thing:

On the Road to RD got a face lift!  How do you like the updated look? New header, new fonts, new profile picture {a la Nick Nameless}.  I felt it was time for a little spruce up.


Second exciting thing:

I think I’ve found an apartment in California!


This has been my mission over the past four days: making calls, setting up appointments, juggling schedules, sending e-mails.

Today I turned in my rental application, and as long as everything goes smoothly, I will be living in a gorgeous 3 bedroom with my two lovely roommates right on the golf course and the beach! AH!

A huge shoutout to my intern girls who helped scope the place out for us!


Third exciting thing:

I have all my ducks in a line for my Cal Poly paperwork, and will be sending that out tomorrow!

One less thing I have to worry about!  September 4th will be here before I know it!


Fourth exciting thing:

The folks at Chebe contacted me to see if they could feature my Fresh Moz and Basil Pizza Muffins on their Facebook.

I of course said #jeah! Check it out yo!


Fifth exciting thing:

I am going to Yoga in the Gardens tonight!

How fun is that? I’ve always wanted to take an outdoor yoga class! And this is the perfect way to calm my racing mind.  I may also try out Min’s Cucumber Face Mask.  Helloooo stress relief. 🙂



Just by writing that all out I feel some relief.

Peace Out.